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Saturday, December 22, 2012

From Lame to Crippled

Good morning, Blogolanders!   Well, the Honorable Mayor has moved from lame duck status to crippled duck status.  I cannot bring myself to gloat over Tony's problems (all of which he brought upon himself); I do, however, feel much pity for the poor sod.  Last Wednesday he was formerly charged in federal court - no surprises there.  Does the Honorable Mayor walk out and announce, "Ican't wait for the February trial where I will be found NOT guilty?"  No, he gets in a car to be driven across the street to city hall!  His lawyer hints he may ask for a continuence.  Nice way of saying, "postponement."  That tells me the Honorable Mayor knows he will be found guilty and wants to postpone the inevitiable as long as possible.  Hell, with a wife and four children, the Honorable Mayor not only needs the salary, but he also needs the medical insurance.  Do not be surprised if Mack & Company try to stall the trial for another year or so. 

As I've said before, the Honorable Mayor has a sweet personality; he's good with kids.  Too bad he didn't decide to become a physical education teacher and dabble in politics as a sideline.  Like so many others, the Honorable Mayor got caught in, HUBRIS."  I'm tempted to do a posting about hubris - what The Kid calls, "esoteric bullshit." 

As for the fundraiser held by the Honorable Mayor - talk about tacky.  It seems each day, the man makes more of a fool of himself. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Just the Longest Night

Well, Blogolanders, December 21, 2012 has come and almost gone.  Despite all the Maya hype about the END, it was just a chilly, rainy December day.  This is also the longest night of the year; the sun begins to climb again tomorrow.  This is, I believe, 14 Bak'tun - Maya New Year in the long count?  That is one confusing calendar.  Until the next End-of-Days prophecy.

Book Review

Every now and again, I feel the urge to write about a book I've read.  Last week there was little I could do but read so I curled up David Nasaw's biography of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.  It was quite a page-turner; it was also rather sad.  Here's a guy who made millions; he was a real slick operator, but also very sad.  This guy had everything but peace, happiness, maybe even love.  I'm not sure he really loved Rose Fitzgerald; he probably considered her a business merger.  When he died, he was a vegetable unable to move or speak.  He had buried four of his children.  A fifth, Rosemary, was also a vegetable thanks to Joe who authorized the lobotomy.

Joe Kennedy was ahead of his time when it came to his daughters.  They all married, "late."  Eunice was thirty.  Kathleen married at the youngest age - 24.  But Joe wanted his daughters to be educated and to have careers.  And it happened.  Joe Kennedy was a fascinating guy; too bad we will never know what was going on his mind as he sat dying those last years. 

A Burger Bit

I was not at city hall last evening but reviewed the various postings very carefully.  The complaints about how The Burg has changed are true.  Even when the Stewart family moved to Trenton 27 years ago, The Burg was still the Italian neighborhood.  Today it is Central American, probably mostly Guatemalan, but I'm sure there are a few other Spanish speaking republics represented.  Before I continue, I admit that when I go into Italian Peoples and have trouble getting my point across because I do not speak Spanish, I get annoyed.  Yet, the changing face of The Burg is natural and to be expected and even celebrated. 

Blogolanders, how many of you know that 100 odd years ago, Chambersburg was a separate municipality and very WASP.  For various reasons, the WASPS relocated and the Italians moved in; they also built up a nice area.  Time goes by and the children and grandchildren of the original immigrants do very well for themselves.  They become doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors, and they move onward and upward!  These people live in Lawrence, Princeton, the Upper Eastside of Manhattan, Palm Beach and don't give diddly about Chambersburg.  So a new immigrant group moves in - in this case Central Americans.  In fifty years someone will be complaining that The Burg used to be such a nice Hispanic area and now it's crawling with immigrants from Mars (or somewhere).  In place of the Italian restaurants, Central American restaurants are opening (and many of them are damned good).

Even here in South Trenton there was a shift - the original residents were Englishmen who worked in the potteries; there was even an Anglican church down here.  The English moved out, Eastern Europeans moved in.  Most of them have moved out, and yes, Hispanics are moving in. 

So all of this shifting and changing is not only normal but also a good thing. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not Gone Yet

Good morning, Blogolanders!  No, I have not tossed in the towel; I have not been around because I woke up Saturday morning with a bitch of  a sinus infection.  My head hurt so much I could barely think.  Saw my doctor who wrote a prescription and ORDERED me to go home and rest.  "Stay away from people," was what he said.  Too bad I missed the Honorable Mayor's Meet & Greet.  BUT....after checking the e-mail, I could not believe the Honorable Mayor would trim the municipal tree with pictures of his family.  What social mistake will the Honorable Mayor make next?  This ranks with, "Happy Pearl Harbor Day." 

Trenton Positive

Monday evening Trenton got a national shot in the arm.  Brian Williams of NBC had a segment about Danielle Gletow and her One Simple Wish group.  For those of you who missed the broadcast or do not know the group, One Simple Wish works with foster children.  If the kid has wish, Danielle's group works to fulfill it.  The wishes range from new sneakers to violin lessons.  Last May, The Kid drove the van around the country as Danielle's group fulfilled thirty wishes in thirty cities in thrity days.  It was made very plain that One Simple Wish is headquartered in TRENTON, New Jersey.  Not only did Trenton get good publicity but One Simple Wish also received lots of donations.  Way to go TRENTON!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Maybe the Glass is Half Full

On Friday evening the TCCA held the annual dinner over at the Trenton Country Club; it was a very pleasant evening.  The food was good.  The usual active Trentonians were there.  And a number of people, places, and things were given awards.  The most interesting award was given to Nicholas Cirillo for his work with the, AND GET THIS, Trenton Central High School Debating Team!!!  First, I admit I did not know there was such a thing and second, I most certainly did not know this team won against Princeton University!!!  Blogolanders, did you know that?  The TCHS debating team with good enough to beat Princeton!!!  This Friday, the team with take on the University of Pennsylvania right here in Trenton.  Yeah, the UPenn crowd is actually chugging up the river to Trenton.

My question is why has this info not been published in either newspaper?  Debating is not easy; and those, "failing students," beat Princeton!!  Blogolanders, this is something to advertise.  Let's see how the debate this Friday is covered on Saturday.    There are good things here in Trenton.  And good luck to the debating team!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Think, Tony, Think

Well the mayor of Hamilton has been convicted (and rather quickly, too) and has resigned.  If I were the Honorable Mayor, I'd been scared out my wits.  John Bencivengo was found guilty of taking some $12,500.  Our Honorable Mayor is suspected of taking over $100,000.  If I were the Honorable Mayor, I'd be sitting down with my lawyer; I'd tell him to get me the best deal possible.  Of course the Honorable Mayor will most likely not do that. 

Blogolanders, in about year, people will be popping up to announce they are running for mayor (and for council).  A few have already expressed interest.  When they hold their debates/meet & greets, forget where they were born and raised or went to high school.  Ask them what plans they have for city and how they mean to accomplish these plans.  Demand specific answers.  Then vote for the ones who can answer.  Then we might just have a city government that functions and moves us forward.  But all of that is up to you.

Time to Take a Bite Out of Crime

Hello, Blogolanders.  I was not at Tuesday Live because of car issues; The Kid suggested I have the spark plugs checked, and he was right.  This morning, my faithful mechanic, Paul Eaton, replaced the plugs and the wires so all is now well.  I did watch Rob Chilson's video so I realize one after another citizen spoke about the crime in the city of Trenton.  Yes, there is a lot of crime in Trenton.  And sadly, whenever large groups of people live together, there is crime.  I'm not sure the answer is more police.  Blogolanders, we could have a police force of 5,000 men and women, and we would still have crime.  Why?  Because far too many Trentonians engage in what can only be called anti-social behavior.  Here's what I'm talking about.  Take Glen Afton - one of Trenton's finer neighborhoods.  How many drive by shootings take place?  How many, "quality of life issues," take place such as open air drug dealing?  Floating dice games?  Gang members hanging on corners?  Damn few.  Because the residents do not engage in anti-social behavior.  No one gets hysterical because someone,
"disrespected," them.  In fact, few even care  You have a beef with a neighbor, you stop talking to them; you cross their name off the Christmas card list; you don't invite them to your parties.  That's it. 

It can be done.  Several years ago, just after a blizzard, two of my neighbors got into a verbal snipping match about shoveling snow.  Neither pulled a gun to shoot the other; they just ignored each other.  And we need more of that in Trenton.  Get the word out there are socially acceptable ways of expressing anger without killing. 

I would suggest that Councilman Bethea worry less about McDonald's and more about the kids who leave Trenton Central High and beat some kid up on the way home just for laughs.  Get the word out that this is unacceptable behavior.  I would also look to the parents and ask what values are they using to raise their kids.  Another example from South Trenton.  One of my neighbors had a Mercedes; my next door neighbor's kid was bounching his basketball off her car one afternoon.  She came outside and asked him to stop.  His answer, "Mind you own business, f###k face."  So my neighbor crossed the street and knocked on the door and explained to the kid's mother what happened.  The mother's reaction, "He's a boy.  They talk that way when they get annoyed."  Far too many kids in Trenton are raised with that attitude. 

Until most Trentonians adjust their behavior or insist that their kids adjust their behavior, crime will conintue no matter how police officers we have.  Don't believe me?  Just check out places like Lawrenceville or Princeton where anti-social behavior is kept to a minimum.  Thank about it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Honorable Mayor Speaks

Yesterday's open meeting with our Honorable Mayor actually began on time!  The Honorable Mayor began by stating this was not to be a monologue but a dialogue.  Twenty minutes later, a member of the public had to remind him.  Blogolanders, I am not a fan of the Honorable Mayor; he has proved a huge disappointment, and yesterday he proved to be unbelievably stupid.  A few people tossed questions at him about his current legal problems.  And the Honorable Mayor seemed ready to answer - oh, sure, with the usual, "I'm innocent until proven guilty...."  The Honorable Mayor has yet to learn that unless his attorney is with him - do not discuss your legal issues. 

And Blogolanders - there is a big difference between an indictment and conviction.  The Honorable Mayor may well be indicted, but unless he's convicted, we're stuck with him.  And he doesn't have to have, "plans," because the Faulkner Act explains what happens when the mayor resigns, dies, disappears, etc. 

This is not my best posting. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank You!

Hello, Blogolanders.  This is just an intro.  The City of Trenton owes that irresponsible blogger, Jim Carlucci a large vote of thanks.  During the last several days, it was he who kept us in the loop.  And his posted info was accurate!  Jim serves his community, that's you and me, without hope of reward or even acknowledgement.  If you see Jim, please add your thanks to mine.  Later.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Available Freebie

Blogolanders, I have two tickets to the US Marine Band concert at the War Memorial on Saturday, October 27.  I can't use them.  Seating starts at 6:30; the concert itself at 7:30.  These concerts are very enjoyable AND free.  If anyone wants the tickets, please let me know via the blog site, and I will get them to you.  Thanks so much. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Think of His Family

While I tend to support the idea of cutting the Honorable Mayor's salary, I realize there are some strong arguments against such a move.  Some are valid.  One such is that future councils may decide to cut the salary as a way of controlling the mayor.  Another that such a move would cost the city more in legal fees because the Honorable Mayor would sue.  Maybe.  But the city council has the legal right to set the mayor's salary AND the Honorable Mayor did state publically that he loved his position so much that he would hold it for free.  I say take him at his word - maybe for once he is telling the truth.  One argument that holds no water is that the Honorable Mayor has a wife and four children to support.  Who cares?  Blogolanders, do you really believe that the FBI discussed the fact that arresting the Honorable Mayor would embarrass his wife and children?  Nah....   Maybe a cut in salary will demonstrate to the Mack family that when you play in poop, you pay.  If his salary is cut, perhaps it will get Tony Mack's attention.  Maybe he will realize he screwed up.  I doubt it, but it is worth a try. 

It's About Time

Bear with me, Blogolanders, I'm on a roll.  Last evening and Tuesday evening, the council chamber was very nearly packed with Trentonians.  While I did not agree with much that was said, I was truly happy to see so many people there.  May it continue.  By the way, From the Front Stoop published a valuable piece on conduct when addressing council.  The secret is courtesy and consideration for others.  Council would be well advised to make the three minute limit official. 

And, while I did not agree with much that was said (of course many did not agree with what I said), it was good to know that we could say it without fear of a knock on the door at two in the morning. 

He's the Mayor...So What?

Last evening, at a well-attended meeting of city council, several citizens got up to speak and said that Tony Mack was the mayor and we had to, "suck it up."  My words.  Yes, Tony Mack is the mayor, BUT he was elected by the voters of Trenton.  He works for us (in theory).  He answers to the public - the public does not answer to him.  During the last 27 months, the Honorable Mayor has lurched from one mistake to another.  In short, his behavior has been despicable.  Now for a quick history lesson.  Back in the late sixties, it was not unusual for President Johnson to be greeted by a mob of citizens chanting, "Hay, hay, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?"  No one said, "He's the president; we have to put up with him."  No, LBJ was driven from office - "I shall not seek another term...."  Fast forward to the Nixon administration.  Watergate was despicable.  Even  I as a Republican and Nixon supporter could not tolerate that behavior.  What did we get?  "I shall resign the presidency at noon tomorrow."  Tony Mack has dishonored the office of mayor.  While I am not prepared to call him a, "dummy," to his face, I did tell him about a year ago that he has proved to be a terrible disappointment.  So, if the citizens of Trenton chose to suggest he leave, the Honorable Mayor brought it all upon himself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trenton as the Mary Celeste

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Here's another one of what The Kid refers to as, "Your esoteric babble."  He's my sharpest critic.  The Mary Celeste is one of the great mysteries of sailing history.  It was a cargo vessal bound for Italy that was found floating in the Atlantic completely abandoned - the crew, officers, and the captain's wife and daughter gone without a trace.  There was no sign of a struggle.  The ship was just floating.  That's what Trenton is doing.  Just floating.  The crew and officers are, "gone."  The captain, i.e., the Honorable Mayor, is there by his absence.  His discussion before council actually made no sense.  The Honorable Mayor still insists that spending money we do not have is a good thing;  he insists that his administration has improved the city's finances.  As for the crew, aka city council, they still cannot grasp the fact that they do have authority; they have power.  By December of 2010, council should have known that the mayor was a lose cannon; they should have taken steps to reign him in.  Individual council members spoke out, but as a group - all seven of them - it did not happen.  Last evening, Councilman Chester asked about reaching for corporate sponsorships; the Honorable Mayor snapped back that nothing was stopping Mr. Chester from doing so.  Mr. Chester responded that he has tried, but is often asked, "Where is the mayor."  But again, looking for corporate sponsors is NOT a function of a council member.  That should come from the administration.  Council is to pass resolutions, ordinances, and watch the public purse.  Anything else a council member does is above and beyond the call of duty.  If they chose to do more, God bless them. 

Now, the Honorable Mayor did declare that he loves his job so much, he would do it for free.  What a wonderful suggestion.  Stop his salary.  See how long he loves Trenton.  Take his car away from him.  Tell him to take a bus to work.  See how long he loves Trenton. 

The only thing I can say with certainty is that there has never been a perfect government.  Somebody is always unhappy.  And taxes make people unhappy.  Epecially property taxes which I tend to accept if only because property taxes are deductible from my federal return, but Blogolanders, have any of you ever looked at the taxes on your PSE&G bill, your cable bill, your phone bill, etc.  Does anyone scream about those taxes?  Noooo.  Not to mention so-called, "sin taxes" which is why there is a growing movement to legalize marijuana - so the government can tax the hell out of it. 

In closing, please remember that you can always tell when a politician is lying because the mouth is moving.  In my opinion, until we stop looking for, "happiness," we will have ass holes running the government.  During the next election, listen for a candidate who tells you it is going to hurt; it is going to hurt badly; do not ask for anything because there is no money.  We must get back on a sound financial footing.  Run from the touchy/feely hug & luv'em crowd.  Have a nice day.

Monday, October 15, 2012

And the Odds Are...

Good morning, Blogolanders.  It's been quite a few days since I've posted, but there are days when I don't have anything, "profound," to add to cyberspace.  This morning, why not?  It seems The Honorable Mayor has been asked to appear before city council tomorrow afternoon.  Will he show?  Anyone want to make book on it?  If he does show up, I hope he has his lawyer with him.  Our Honorable Mayor ain't too bright and could step into a verbal trap.  From bits and pieces that have floated back to me over the last weeks, I seriously wonder if (1) The Honorable Mayor is taking a CDS; or (2) if he has suffered a complete nervous breakdown.  He is still asking people to come and work for his administration!!  Blogolanders, do not be shocked or even disappointed if our Honorable Mayor does not appear tomorrow evening.  Ciao.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

Good morning, Blogolanders.  I was at council last evening, and it was a good thing that Councilman Muschal was able to make it.  Ms. McBride and Ms. Reynolds-Jackson were not there.  Mr. Bethea strolled in fifteen minutes late.  Fortunately, there was a quorum.  The word is that McBride and Reynolds-Jackson were hoping George couldn't make it; they were hoping Bethea didn't show.  The plan is to shut down the council.  Blogolanders, during the next muncipal election, please remember this childish behavior before you cast your ballot.  Council is to start at 5:30PM; only three members of council are there on time - Ms. Caldwell-Wilson, Mr. Muschal, and Mr. Chester.  The other four consistently stroll in when they feel like it. 

As to the tax increase - as Mr. Chester explained - it is a PROPOSED increase.  Nothing has been agreed.  Just like Mr. Chester said several items would be looked at.  Yes, he said he would look at the senior centers - he did not say any center would be closed.  Mr. Chester simply expressed his thoughts on the budget!! 

Now, Blogolanders, senior centers, learning centers, parades, festivals, bi-weekly garbage pick-up all cost money!  If you want these things, be prepared to pay for them.  So, think - what do you really, really want to pay for.  What do you really, really need. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Read 'em & Weep

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Several members of the current council have told me after I've cricitized them that being on council is hard work.  There is an unbelievable amount of reading that must be done before each council meeting.  Yes, there does seem to be a lot of reading, but I decided to take a very close look at the docket from September 18 and break it down.  First, there were thirty-two resolutions on the docket which seems like a lot until they are separated into categories.  First, one resolution was withdrawn.  Scratch that.  Five involved worker's comp cases; there isn't much council can do about those so skim the resolution and make notes about why John Butterfingers got the award, etc.  Put those to one side.  Eight were liquor license renewals.  Again, skim.  Does this involve a problem bar; any restrictions, etc.  Make a few notes and put that pile to one side.  Six resolutions called for the rejection of bids.  Again, skim to find out why the bid was rejected and make a few notes.  Four involved grant money - now here more careful reading is required.  How much money is involved and what are the requirements? Maybe the grant is not really a good fit for Trenton.  Maybe it is a great opportunity.  Make a few notes.  That leaves EIGHT that call for the spending of money - OK.  These eight require very careful reading.  Is this for work already done or work in the hopper?  Does Trenton really need this work?  If all of this takes more than four hours, I would be very surprised.  But perhaps I'm missing something.  What does require time, lots of time, is the budget.  Especially if you go line by line which this council seems to be doing to their credit.  But the budget will be passed (without a tax increase, one hopes) which will free up time to prepare for council meetings.    Blogolanders, being in elective office leaves you open to a lot of crap; voters are rarely happy.  But that comes with the territory.  How to handle this?  Well, FDR and JFK laughed; Eisenhower just ignored it; LBJ took criticism to heart and it destroyed him.  Later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Credit Where Due

Last evening  I was told, "nothing would make you happy;" actually I would be very happy if council did their job.  I don't really want to hear about the work that is done in the community; if you do it, wonderful; it still is not the function of a councilperson to solve every constituent's problems.  Criticism does not go over well at all; yet there is one member of council with whom I've dealt who has always been reasonable when I criticize.  The Honorable Zachary Chester.  Mr. Chester and I do not agree politically and never have and probably never well.  Yet he has always been calm, listened, answered questions, explained what is going on, and if it still left me cold, he just changed the subject and moved on.  If we were all as cool, calm, and collected as Mr. Chester (and that includes moi), this city would be a happier place. 

The Children's Hour

Good morning, Blogolanders.  This will probably be the first of a few posts today; I have to give myself time to calm down.  Last evening, I saw one of the most disgusting acts of, "public service," that I've seen since the Army/McCarthy Hearings.  City Council does not really have the office of, "vice president of council."  The previous council started the title as a sop to a council member who really hoped to be president; it didn't happen.  Paul Michael Pintella was re-elected for the normal four year term.  Even this rotation, however well-intended, is not a legal requirement.  The current council present is Ms. Holly-Ward.  She had a personal matter and said she was leaving early.  OK.  By the way, George Muschal had an excused absence.  Ms. Holly-Ward turned the gavel over to Zachary Chester and prepared to leave.  At that point, Councilpersons Reynolds-Jackson and McBride got up and left in a huff!!  Why?  Because Ms. Reynolds-Jackson wants to be vice-president, and Ms. Holly-Ward did not give her the gavel.  Who knows why Ms. McBride stomped out.  They didn't get their way, so they left!!  Blogolanders, there are VERY few members of this council who give a damn about Trenton; it is all about them.  I don't know about you, but I, as a taxpayer, resent paying some twenty grand a year to feed an ego.  Later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maybe Yes; Maybe No

While I tend to agree with L.A. Parker, his column today leaves me cold.  Right now, I have neither the time nor the patience to argue to benefits of using Co-operating Witnesses or Confidential Informants.  Much about these practices leaves a bad taste; yet they are valuable tools in catching the, "bad guys."  When this scheme was presented to Mack & Comp, if they were honest, upright, etc., etc., they would have said, "Thanks for coming by."  In other words, sting or not, Tony and his friends could have left the table at any time.  They did not. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sweet News!

There is a young lady at Trenton Social (her name is Robin) who makes a super cheesecake!  Almost, almost as good as Michelle Laurie's.  Her graham cracker crust is even better than my mother's!  And that's saying a lot.  If you're at the Social and cheesecake is on the menu, order a slice - maybe two.  It's not dry and not too moist, but it melts in your mouth.  Blogolanders, enjoy this lovely weather and always remember, "And this too shall pass away."

Advice to the Honorable Mayor

Good morning, Mayor.  Here's some advice for you (which you will ignore), KEEP YOUR FREAKIN' MOUTH SHUT!!!  Do not talk to reporters, or anybody for that matter, unless you are in the presence of your attorney.  I'd let say let your attorney do ALL the talking; that's why we hire lawyers; that's why lawyers are called, "Mouth Piece," by criminals.  Try not to screw up any further. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trenton Makes the Big Time!

Good evening, Blogolanders.  I'll keep this short and sweet.  The arrest of the Honorable Mayor made the news overseas!  The BBC reported on it.  Of course it makes a nice follow-up to the Toilet Paper Crisis.  Stayed tuned for further developments.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Off to Carolina

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Wonderful news!  Our Honorable Mayor seems to be in Charlotte, North Carolina.  One can only hope he got caught in the downpour.  Especially if you consider rain to be angelic piss.  There are some questions about this junket.  First of all, who the hell paid for it?  We, the overburdened taxespayers?  Hope not.  The Honorable Mayor himself?  Since he can't afford a trip to Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where did the money come from?  And why was the Honorable Mayor even there?  Personally, I don't know why EITHER party wasted time, money, and enery on a freakin' convention.  But we have a city falling apart - and fast - so the Honorable Mayor should have stayed at the helm trying to right the municipal ship.  In closing, Blogolanders, PLEASE remember that we face a possible tax increase - soon.  One function of city council is to keep a watch on the muncipal purse.  Council returns from their summer hiatus on September 18.  How many of you will be there to scream like hell about the financial waste in this city?  And that is the only way to get their attention - show up in large numbers.  It won't be long before the muncipal campaign season heats up, and believe me when I tell you, no member of council plans to finish their term in office and go off to the Amazon basin to convert the natives.  Before you give your vote - think long and hard. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Give The Guy A Break!

Thanks to the never-ending energy of Jim Carlucci, we, the public, read that Cory Bethea applied for and received a city hall job as a litter specialist.  We'll pass over Mr. Bethea's interesting background; after all he could spell the word, "entrepreneur!"  That's a tough one.  My question is, "What the hell is a litter specialist?"  How much training does one require to specialize in litter?  Now here's someone who can spell and is trained in litter.  So I say, "Give the guy a break." 

Friday, August 17, 2012

So Open We're Closed

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Last evening, Thursday Nite Live were at their near best.  As usual, the meeting started late.  Ms. McBride is still pouting by refusing to sit in alphabetical order as council has done at least for twenty years.  A woman who engages in kindergarten playground behavior is an elected official?  Going back to the 2010 elections here in Trenton, every member of council took part in some sort of debate/meet the candidates event.  I know because I co-ordinated a couple of them.  Each sitting member of the current council promised, "open government," or, "transparent government."  In other words, no more secret stuff.  OK, Blogolanders, those are great sound bites because this council has held more executive sessions in two years than the previous council held in four!!  So much for open government.  They went into executive session last evening to discuss - are you ready? - the Linda Kelsey mess.  Like nobody knew about it.  By the way, it took them over an hour (God only knows what they decided; don't be surprised if Ms. Kelsey received a promotion).  My feeling is if this issue was so freakin urgent, Ms. Holly-Ward would have called an emergency executive session around noon yesterday.  After they strolled back into chambers, someone asked about the Paul Harris, "accident."  The answer was, get this, "We'll discuss it in executive session."  Bullshit!  First, anyone reading a freakin newspaper knows about it.  Anyone on the freaking compouter knows about it.  I want to know if Paul had permission to use that car, and if so, where he was going?  That car is public property - like you and I own it .  They can discuss this in public and stop hiding stuff.  My favorite fantasy is having council announce an executive session and having every citizen present in chambers stand up and block the door to the conference room and tell them, "If it's city business, you discuss it in public.  If it's not city business, do it on your own time."  Here's a cute one.  Sam Hutchinson, the accounting genius, stated he does not read newspapers!  For someone who is touted as brilliant, that was an asshole comment.  Council did confirm two permanent department heads.  I know nothing about the fellow heading public works, but I do know Cleveland Thomas having worked with him for years.  So more than halfway into this term, 60% of the departments have permanent heads.  That is more than half.  The Honorable Mayor can brag about that.  And Ms. Holly-Ward still displays a reluctance to use the g.d. microphone!  The Three Graces, of which P. Holly-Ward is one, still have their whispering campaign going.  The other four can be heard very clearly.  Even if I disagree, I at least know what they said. 

Blogolanders - please take this into consideration.  City council sits at the pleasure of the voters; they work for the voters; there are no unemployment benefits for those who lose an election; it's time to let them know they are on very thin re-election ice. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Proof Screw

Blogolanders, my posting about Tony's debt has a sentence near the end that should read, "so deeply in debt he will NEVER..."  I'm sorry about that; people should not proof their own work.  And that includes me.

The Final Piece of Good Advice

About two years ago, the Honorable Mayor and I saw each other at some function; he was very gracious, and we chatted briefly.  He asked for my opinions; I gave him some advice.  He nodded sagely and assured me we would talk further.  We never did, and he ignored my advice.  But now I will give him some advice and he would be well advised to follow it.  Tony, MAKE SURE ALL YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS ARE UP TO DATE.  ALL OF THEM!!!

Always Leave'em Laughing

Blogolanders, I sat down the other day to write one of my modern mythology pieces about our Honorable Mayor and his financial problems.  This guy is so far down he is no fun anymore.  I could not do it.  It is very nice that Alex Bethea met with Tony at the hotel; it is very nice that they prayed together, but right now, Tony needs more than prayer.  I admire what Tony was trying to do.  Hell, you have a miserible childhood in the Wilbur Section.  Add to that, the other issues he faced.  So when Tony decided he was going forward, that's a good thing.  He may have moved too fast; he may have wanted too much too soon.  And our  Honorable Mayor is not a deep thinker.  He is an easy mark for those alert for the main chance.  Anyone who has Tony's best interests at heart at this moment would say to him, "Exactly how much do you owe and to whom?"  Some in our fair city believe Tony should declare bankrupcy and move on.  In many cases, that would work, but I have this creepy feeling Tony did not always borrow money from conventional sources.  PSE&G might swallow bankruptcy; unconventional financial sources do not.  So not only is the Honorable Mayor so deeply in debt that he will be solvent again,  he will also end up in a worse situation than anything he knew while growing up in the Wilbur Section.  So, Your Honor, if they laughed then, they are laughing even louder and harder today. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

How Does He Do It?

Well, another embarrassing headline about the Honorable Mayor.  He (and sadly his wife) are on the hook for some fifty thou to the IRS.  I did a very rough calulation - the Macks are some half a million in debt.  His only income is his salary as mayor, which has to support six people.  I'm surprised he hasn't applied for food stamps; he may just qualify.  (Maybe he has.  Dose anybody at MCBSS want to check?)  And if the story about the lifeguards is true, then salaries are being illegally withheld.  What will it take to force Trentonians to tell Mack to pack?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Tony a Genius?

Blogolanders - Suddenly it hit me - the Honorable Mayor could be a freakin genius!  Now before you start screaming, read this.  There is a single mother here in Trenton with more than two children.  She gets public assistance but no child support from either father of her children.  She grew up on welfare; struggled in school; held a few deadend jobs.  She's been evicted.  She's had a her utilities shut off; she's had a car repossessed; she's had a house raided by the police because a boy friend was dealing.    She loves Tony because he can feel her pain; she feels his pain.  She voted for Tony in 2010 and will vote for him again in 2014.  The woman is not a figment of my imagination; she exists here in the South Ward.  She's a former client; I see her occasionally at the grocery store.  When you consider the demographics of Trenton, the Honorable Mayor has appeal.  Blogolanders, there are not enough voters here in Trenton who think differently.  If Tony runs for re-election, over half the voters in Trenton will be able to, "relate," to him. 

Wrong Is Right

Yes, the gate over the park entrance caused a big flap, it was not another chance to bash the Honorable Mayor.  He does that on his own; he most certainly does not need the public.  From Day One, the Honorable Mayor has stepped in it.  I doubt any man has made so many mistakes in so little time.  And this is a fellow who had people ready, willing, and able to encourage, advise, and warn.  Tony ignored them.  As to the gate, the fact that is was designed and installed in such secrecy tells me the Honorable  Mayor wanted to pull a fast one; he knew if he had gone, "public," he would (1) not have gotten the money from council and (2) maybe not have gotten approval from the various historical groups in the city.  This is not a, "Bash Tony," but rather another case of, "Ye gods, not again!!"  By the way the man who designed and made the gate really should be paid; he took this contract in good faith. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ain't It A Shame?

With so much going in our fair city, over the weekend a small flap started over Councilman George Muschal's ability to speak, or inability, depending on your grasp of meanings.  First, I'll cover one issue - is he articulate?  Considering that he can get his thoughts out and make sense, then, yes, he is articulate.  Can he get people to listen?  Yes, he can unlike another member of council who rarely makes a grammatical error but when speaking can the bore the dead.  People tune him out.  So if people don't listen and grasp, for what purpose does he speak?  But the real problem is the use of the word (nonword), "ain't."  I have another platform to discuss the history of this word - which, by the way, the English language desparetly needs and has always needed. And, one person involved the, "ain't debate," has often said, "it don't,"  So to all of you language snobs out there (of which I am one, but privately), how often have you used the following terms?

1.  Free Gift?
2.  True Fact?
3.  Urban City?
4.  Two Choices?

If you have ever used any of these terms, you've displayed more ignorance of the English language than George does by using, "ain't."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weak Links

Hi, Blogolanders.  Thursday Nite Live had much to offer including an opportunity for me to think about analogies, in this case, chains.  We've heard the expression that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  City council is only as strong as its weakest members.  Two are very weak and not terribly intelligent.  One is marginal.  Here is a fact.  A McDonald's has been approved for the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street.  On Thursday, there was an ordinace to allow a reconfiguration of a street and realignment of some water/sewer lines.  Work that would have to be done whether a McDonald's opened or a cell phone shop opened.  A few of our elected officials, to whom we pay some $20,000 a year plus a few benies, could not grasp the fact that the ordinance had nothing to do with opening a McDonald's.  That had been agreed upon already.  I don't know if we were dealing ignorance or stupidity or both.  The main reason there were objections to McDonald's is because the harm it would do the students at Trenton Central High.  Somehow McDonald's is responsible for the high drop out rate at the school.  And also the cause obesity among the African-American population here in Trenton.  OK, maybe McDonald's doesn't serve the healthiest food, but what eatery does?  Damn few.  And has any member of council ever checked out the food served by TASK?  If there were no carbohydrates, TASK wouldn't be able to serve food.  Is anyone from council bitching and moaning about that?  Naaah.  And lastly, let's say a J. Crew outlet was scheduled to open.  There would be objections that would go something like this, "Ah feel that such an enterprise is totally unsuited to a location across from Trenton Central High because our students from Trenton Central High would be tempted to take up shoplifting which would only further dimish their already sad and pathic lives and further they would see things that they could not afford to purchase with their own funds because they lack spendin money and such a situation would contribute to their lack of self-esteem which is already so low."  So Blogolanders, do not expect much for the next twenty=three months.  Accept the fact we have a bunch of assholes in charge of the nut house and work and plan for 2014.  We have more than enough time to fine eight people who have the brains, the ethics, the foresight to govern this fair city.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Honorable Mayor Makes History

Several months ago, the Honorable Mayor unvailed, "The Wall of Mayors," in the city hall atrium.  It is pictures of all mayors (honorable and otherwise) going back to the beginning of our fair city.  As usual, it was a project that wasted money.  The picture of the Honorable Mayor is the only one in color so his picture stands out which is a good thing, because the Honorable Mayor is the only one who ever had his house raided by the FBI!  And this is just one issue.  Oh, yeah, our Honorable Mayor is making history.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life is Irony

I am not a fan of football, or any sport, but I have been following the Penn State flap very closely from Day One because it is so ironic.  Joe Paterno obviously loved football and Penn State and the trophies piling up and the perks, etc., etc.  So much so that he wanted to protect everyone and everything.  BUT if he had moved quickly and openly when the Sandusky problem reared its ugly head, Joe would have been praised for his quick action, his ethics, his concern for kids, the game and on and on.  And the whole flap would have been forgotten in a year, two at the most.  Then Joe would have retired with a huge pension (you think NJ public employees have big, fat pensions?) of a few million dollars, lots of perks, his record in tact, his reputation unsullied.  But he didn't.  By trying to hide it, it all bite him on the ass.  The victims may sue the Paterno family who, even if they win the lawsuits, will have big legal bills.  One can only hope other college coaches have been following this tale of woe. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Heart of a Conservative

Greetings, Blogolanders.  From time to time, I read the blog posted by the Artful Codger.  Not that I often agree with her, I don't.  The latest entry concerned her broken Rollator and her problems getting a new one, a new one paid for by the government.  As a conservative, this attitude offends me especially since the latest catalogue from, "Dr. Leonard's," offers a Rollator for $139.99.  Why doesn't she save herself all the time and agony she's had and just order one?  By the way, it has a seat which supports up to 250# and comes with a basket.  This concept of, "I'm elderly so I'm entitled," annoys the crap out of me.  And is one reason we have the financial problems we do have. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Well, Blogolanders, Trenton really, really made the big time.  A front page article in today's NY Times.  It wasn't the best front page location - lower left, but it was front page.  The last two weeks, we've gotten much coverage in the NY Times; there was nothing in the Thursday edition I suspect because Stockton, California declared bankruptcy.  That took up a lot space.  This morning, I am rather discouraged about the future of Trenton.  No one knows how long the Honorable Mayor will be on vacation; in the real world when you go on vaction you say you'll be gone for two weeks, ten days, a month.  The Honorable Mayor is just, "on vaction."  For how long?  The next two years?   And so far council has whimped out.  The matter of Cordelia Staton is a case in point.  As for the Honorable Mayor, I strongly urge him to go on Dr. Phil and work through his insecurities. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Good morning, Blogolanders.  The one morning I sleep late; my phone started ringing about 8AM.  I have read the Honorable Mayor's press release.  It is just so much, "duty."  Do not expect anything further from the Honorable Mayor - not because he wants to hide anything (he probably does) but because his lawyer most likely said, "Keep your freakin mouth shut."  If he is smart, he will take his lawyer's advice.  But then, the Honorable Mayor is not smart.  In closing for this posting, when the FBI kicks in your door at 2AM, is not because they are conducting a training exercise. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

L.A. Parker - Good Points

Yesterday, L.A. made some excellent points in his column.  He wrote about the various teen organizations that raise funds by, "tagging."  Minister Ingraham supports these efforts; L.A. does not, and neither do I.  My prime objection is the danger involved.  Then there is the question (s).  Who is this group?  Who is organizing it?  How is the money collected used?  A few months ago, one of these groups approached a local civic organization asking for a donation of, I believe, $500.00.  The members were willing to donate but got nervous after the representative could not answer basic questions like, (1)  What is your annual budget?  (2)  How many kids are involved?  (3)  Are you an all volunteer or do you have paid staff?  The organization made a small gift, and the representative promised to gather the requested info and come back.  It never happened.  So, if this group (these groups) really want to raise money, have a real fundraiser - put on a show somewhere - sell tickets to the show.  Make yourselves available as entertainment for retirement parties, birthday parties, annual meetings, etc.  One of the reasons we are in the mess we are in is because of this, "gimme," mentality.  The theory that one deserves something (everything) simply because one exists.  No so.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Watch Me Watch You

On Sunday, July 1, The Trenton Times ran an article about one Syed Farhaj Hassan.  He is an American citizen, a veteran, and Shi'a Muslim.  He is also the first-named plaintiff in a lawsuit claiming the NYPD violated his rights by spying on him and fellow Muslims after the 9/11 Attacks.  Before I continue, I admit I would not be happy if the NYPD spied on me and my fellow Episcopalians as we entered the church for Divine Service.  BUT...the most controverial issue in which the Anglican Communion is engaged in involves same sex marriage. 

Let's do a, "For instance."  The nerve center of the current terrorist movement is not the Middle East, but Sweden.  And the Swedish terrorists are egged on by the clergy of the Church of Sweden which is Lutheran.  If we are all honest, we will admit that anyone with blond hair and blue eyes would be viewed with suspicion.  And the NYPD would probably stake out Lutheran churches.  And I doubt they would bother to note the differences between the Lutheran Church of Sweden and say, the Lutheran Church of Iceland. 

And one reason that 9/11 was so successful is because no one was watching.  Several of the hijackers were here on expired student visas.  No one gave a damn.  Then they were taking flying lessons, but weren't interested in taking off or landing.  If anyone found this odd, it was shrugged off.  The current philosophy is, "Never Again.!" 

So to Mr. Hassan I say, "Suck it up."  If you are so bloody patriotic, go to your mosque and speak out against terrorism.  Speak out against jihad.  Scream like hell every time a terrorist bomb goes off somewhere in the world.  Withdraw your lawsuit; admit, "you brought it all upon yourselves." 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kissin' Cousins?

The June 17 Book Review of the NY Times reviewed a book by Rachel L. Swarns entitled, AAMERCIAN TAPESTRY, The Story of the Black, White, and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama.  Surprise, surprise.  Mrs. Obama is decended from a white slave owner named Henry Wells Shields.  Of course the author wonders if the relationship was consensual, in other words was she raped.  Probably, but who knows, and here in 2012, who cares?  Rape or not, if the contact had not taken place, Michelle Obama would not exist today.  What did surprise, and even amuse me, was the reaction of the white decendants of Henry Wells Shields.  Some refused to meet with the author and/or give a DNA sample.  Some of them, like a Joan Tribble, agonize over the fact an ancestor owned slaves.  Why worry about something that happened 160 years ago, something which we, today, cannot change?  Mrs. Obama seems to have been neutral about this book; she didn't help, but she didn't hinder either.  An intelligent woman like Mrs. Obama would probably shrug off all this info anyway.  Who cares about a fourth cousin living in the suburbs of Atlanta?  My interest in ancestors is not because I have remarkable ones; I don't.  My husband's are a tad higher on the food chain.  What I do find interesting is when I look at The Kid and think about his great great grandparents, this is what comes to mind.  For two greats, we're talking about eight couples who never knew each other and would not have liked or approved of each other if they had met.  On my side - you would find Polish peasants, devout Catholics, subjects of Alexander III and a German baker and his wife (probably the bosses daughter) and Lutherans.  On my husbands' side - Mayflower and DAR types who returned to the Anglican church and a Presbyterian minister and his wife in Nova Scotia.  Yet they are all ancestors of one Nicholas Iain Francis aka The Kid.  In closing, when this book turns up on overstock, I'll buy it.  Right now, I'm not prepared to drop twenty eight bucks. 

Mayoral Advice

After reading today's L.A. Parker's column three times, I offer some advice to my fellow Trentonians.  (1)  Forget where a candidate was born, raised, educated; (2) Ask what the candidate has been doing since reaching adulthood - successful?; (3) Ask what the plan is to solve the financial problems (and don't accept some vague, let's be prosperous again bullshit); (4) Check closely to find out if the candidte is strong enough to play hardball with the police (and I mean hardball).  The next mayor of Trenton should understand money - income, outgo, credit, debit, debt - everything.  And should be willing to tell us, the Trentonians, "Don't ask for anything because there is no money."  The mayor of Trenton should have the spine* to tell the police, "We can no longer afford this Cadillac contract.  We can afford a bicycle contract, but that's all."  As I've said so many times, we have to live on bread and water for awhile, and the bread will be stale and moldy.  Until we accept that, nothing will change.  We also need a mayor who will stop whining to the state - yeah, Trenton is the state capital.  Trenton is also the county seat, but I never hear anyone bitching and moaning about the county not helping us.  Policing, for an example.  And we must stop the blame game.  We are all at fault, yes, we the Trentonians, because so much happened, but we said nothing.  We did nothing.  We elected the same man for five terms straight.  Then we elected our current mayor because he's charming.  He's great on the campaign trail.  He's generous with ice cream for the kids.  The past is prologue.  We know what the problems are.  Who created them really doesn't matter.  What does matter, how are we going to solve them? 

*I use this word because it's gender neutral; if I were a sexist, I would use the word, "balls."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good News

Good Evening, Blogolanders!  You may remember that about a year ago, The Kid was a bone marrow donnor.  He got an update.  His platelets went to a woman living in Italy who seems to be doing very well!!  I am so grateful for this news.

The Name Game

The Trenton Times published a long, long list of those property owners who are behind with taxes, water, sewer, you name it.  I always go through the list very carefully for two reasons.  First, there is a woman here in Trenton with whom I share the same name.  She does not pay her bills.  What is really funny (funny both haha and weird) is she and I both had a boob sliced off in the same hospital within a few days of each other.  Our medical records got confused.  The second reason is to learn who does not meet their financial obligations to the city.  Sadly, there are many people listed who should know better, who should behave better.  Of course these Trentontians may be engaging in civil disobediance; they decided to withhold payment to make a statement.  Perhaps.  One never does know.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

OK - Suggestions

What can these poor kids do?  I've already heard about it!  News travels fast in this age of technology.  OK.  What can kids do?  Start a community garden.  Learn to play chess.  And here's a really radical suggestion - READ A BOOK!

La Corvee

Corvee was one of the causes of the French Revolution; essentially, it was a non-monetary tax that involved upaid labor.  French subjects, usually male and poor, were required to provide a few weeks of unpaid labor to the crown.  Repairing roads, dredging canals, fixing piers, stuff like that.  By the way, its use probably goes back about 4,000 years.  I bring this up because I think it may be time to reintroduce this program.  For the last few months, I've been hearing about finding things for our kids to do during the summer, finding things that will keep them off the streets, finding things that will keep them out of trouble.  Hearing these statements sets my teeth on edge because (1) I feel it is the parents responsibility to keep their kids interested and amused (2) I'm tired of caring for other peoples' children, and (3)  we do these kids no favors by letting them think someone else must keep them happy.  Good forbid they find constructive ways to pass their time!!  Which brings me to the corvee.  Trenton is broke and cannot provide many services it once did (our Honorable Mayor to the contrary, serivces have slipped badly).  Hence the corvee.  Lest these kids be bored, we give them a broom, a shovel, a rake, whatever, and put them to work.  If nothing else, they will gain value work experience such as arriving at a work site on time.  They might even learn a skill.  They would also give back to the community - maybe stop this gimme, gimme, gimme philosophy.  Blogolanders, I know many among you will scream, "That's abusive, not fair, etc...."  OK, but since all these summer programs must be paid for (in money - like dollars) don't bitch next time your property taxes go up

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Report from Neverland aka City Council

All things considered, council moved rather quickly last night (I left at 7:30PM).  There were, however, exhibits of bad behavior.  Since Ms. McBride ignores ROBERTS RULES, I may give her a copy of the MARQUESS OF QUEENSBERRY.  Council needs some guidelines.  Councilwoman Caldwell-Wilson asked for permission to speak, and Ms. McBride granted it, but when Ms. McBride realized Ms. Caldwell-Wilson wanted to adjust the adgenda, our president got damn snotty and rude.  She then began to babble about respect (I hate that word, and I will explain why in a future post).  Ms. C-W wanted to adjust the agenda so council could vote on the next president/vice president early which would allow Mr. Muschal to leave early for court testimony.  Big, freaking deal.  Actually, it made sense.  When council did vote, Phyllis Holly-Ward was elected council president.  No one was elected vice-president although a former city attorney told me there is no provision for the office of vice-president.  The voting to approve two judges bordered on farce.  I lost track of what they were talking about, and who made the motion to do what, etc.  As usual, Mr. Bethea was confused.  For once, I felt his pain. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog from Neverland

After reading the article in a negative medium, I was taken by the Honorable Mayor's announcement that Trenton would be hiring, "paid volunteers!"  Apparently here in Neverland no one realizes that, "volunteer," means no pay; you give of your time.  When you are paid, you are not a volunteer.  Maybe that's our problem, we've all fallen down the rabbit hole. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

School Daze

Francisco Duran, who is about to be our new school superintendent, recently met with the public and announced he felt Trenton was ready for a change (or so the papers reported).  When I read it, my reaction was, "You state the obvious."  What has to change, though, is the attitude to education.  It is not held in high regard by both parents and kids here in Trenton.  Kids have to want to learn and their parents have to want them to learn.  Parents, I believe, have to tell their daughters that getting pregnant at 15 is not a good thing.Sometimes I think reopening the Florence Crittenden Homes would be a good thing.  And to tell their sons that hanging around the bassetball court will not do their grades any good.  But the big thing is to change the attitude to education; to hold it in VERY high regard.  It doesn't take money, or the latest equipment, or an award winning teacher - it takes only the desire to learn. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Reminder

Good morning, Blogolanders!  Just a quick reminder - this afternoon @ 3PM begins Art All Night.  This is one of Trenton's really great, fun events.  You have 24 hours to attend.  For those Trentonians who have trouble sleeping, Art All Night is more fun than watching re-re--runs of Law & Order on cable.  And The Kid should be there. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Immodest Proposal

The City of Trenton is broke as in there is NO MONEY!!  And the State is in no mood to toss us millions, so where to find the funds?  I propose that the Honorable Mayor contact a few cable TV stations with an offer of a reality program - Trenton Troubles!  Maybe the first episode can be the return of the Honorable Cordelia Staton as deputy clerk.  I realize many Blogolanders are not taken with Ms. Staton, BUT, and it is a big BUT, the mayor, honorable or otherwise, has nothing to do with hiring the city clerk and staff.  That is council's responsibility.  Only council hires and fires.  Either our honorable mayor does not read newspapers or he has a short memory (maybe both).  Remember when Mayor Palmer locked horns with City Clerk Anthony Conti and tried to withhold Conti's pay?  Mayor Palmer lost and was told since the clerk worked for council, he, the mayor, could not order Conti's pay withheld.  Anybody out there want to be on TV?

Hail and Farewell - WZBN

Last Friday, we Trenton Blogolanders had the last news report from WZBN.  The station has been sold.  This really too, too bad as this station really covered local news, and they did it well.  They will be missed. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

mea culpa

The Kid was quick to point out the error of my thoughts with a, "Look, Mom, a big, international company like AMAZON scopes out places to build before they make the announcement.  It's too late by about two years."  This round goes to The Kid.

Oh, M'God!!

It seems the Honorable Mayor is really trying to do something worthwhile!  Based on an article in today's Trenton Times, he wants to contact Amazon about having a mega warehouse right here in Trenton!  Not a bad idea.  He also wants to form a commission/committee/group to work on this project.  OK, Blogolanders, this may work; however, our Honorable Mayor must avoid his thug pals, his no-count buddies, and really, really select people who know what they are talking about - you know, the intelligent, educated, knowledgable people.  I have my fingers crossed. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello, Again

The Kid arrived back in Trenton last evening after doing thirty cities in thirty days to grant thirty wishes so he explained how this new (and improved!) format works.  Let's see if I get it.  And once I learn, and begin to like, this system, it will be improved.  Right now, I don't have anything to say about our fair city.  Kevin Moriarity and that irresponsible blogger have been doing a terrific job so why gild the Lilly?  Glad to be back, Blogolanders. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday Nite Live

At least the Three Graces were using their mikes so the voters could hear them.  Councilwoman McBride was unusually rude not only to her colleagues but also to the public aka the voters.  The lady does not like to be challenged.  Sorry, Madam President, but you don't know everything.  Some members of the public can actually research the law and speak on it.  Your colleagues have the right to consult a lawyer whenever.  Ms. McBride was very annoyed that Ms. Caldwell-Wilson spoke to an attorney before submitting an ordinance for council approval.  From where I stand, Ms. McBride is not qualified to run a dog pound.  As for the exchange between Councilman Muschal and Police Director Rivera, that was something should have taken place in private.  They speak the same language (cop).  Frankly neither came out that exchange looking good.  As to the cry that we need more police on the streets - who knows.  I do know that when people want to, really want to, they can do more with less.  As I have pointed out before, back in 2005 when we had a full complement of police, we also had THIRTY-FIVE murders that year!  How many have been solved?  And history is littered with examples of battles that were won against overwhelming odds.  The incident in the West Ward - shooting at a police car - is disturbing, is scarey - but even with another 105 police on the force, it could have happened.  The shooter could have escaped - all he (or she) had to do was hop in a car and drive away - far away.  Blogolanders, the issue here in Trenton is not more cops, more money for education, more money for god only knows what, the answer a better attitude among ourselves.  And food cards for guns in not the answer either.  I'd love to know what kind of weapons were turned - what condition they were in.  During the show last evening, Councilman Chester did come out looking good; he stated that it is not his job to solve crimes.  And he's right.

On Education

Good morning, Blogolanders.  It's been awhile, but I am still learning this new, improved way of posting.  I prefer the old and crummy way; however, I digress.  Monday, I went off to meet and greet the three candidates for superintendant.  I did not speak to Mr. Duran because after meeting and greeting the other two, I realized they wouldn't work; I assumed the same for Mr. Duran so I left.  Here's the elephant in room (and when I asked the other two about Dumbo, I offended many).  Most (not all) Trentonians have no regard for education which is why we have a 47% graduation rate.  How do you change that attitude?  Neither of the two I spoke with could give a straight answer.  Then there is the issue of gangs; how does one break up their influence?  Again, dance around the issue.  Of course, I heard much about, "bad teachers."  To that,  I say, bullish!!  You can have the best teacher in the world; if the student does not want to learn, the student will not learn.  And we have kids who have no interest in learning.  I wish Mr. Duran well.  Maybe he will change things.  If he's still here in five years it will be because he did change things.  But personally, I still feel what the Trenton school system needs is a retired Marine drill sargeant with flat feet, a bad back, an ulcer, and a rotten marriage.  Someone who is meaner than a junk yard dog; someone who starts each day by shouting, "Listen up and listen up good!!!"  Extreme?  You bet.  But we haven't tried it.  We have tried the, "love 'em and hug 'em," approach which has failed, and failed good. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest Blogger from Ancient Greece. Good morning, Trentonians!  Boy, am I glad to be here.  So much work to do.  Love it, love it, love it!!  I am Apate, the daughter of Nyx and Erebus.  I am the ancient Greek goddess of Deceit, Fraud, and Trickery.  My counsins moved it nearly two years ago, but there is so much work do, they put out a call for re-enforcements so here  I am!  We have never felt so welcomed anywhere.  Please keep going in the direction you have been because we have scads of relatives looking for work.  See ya around town.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Good morning, Blogolanders.  Well, things have been, "improved," again!!  So, please bear with me while I learn this new, easier, and improved way to write blogs.  Since the Honorable Mayor will opening the new Mayor's Learning Centers, I thought I would write about novels that are just plain fun to read.  Nothing philosophical about them.  Let's start with the oldest first.  REBECCA by Daphne DuMaurier published in 1938.  This is the classic Gothic novel; heroine haunted by, "ghost," of first wife.  Then in 1961, Agatha Christie published THE PALE HORSE.  The murder weapon was poison by thalium, and as something of a Christie expert (or so I feel), I consider this her BEST.  Now we move on to American authors.  Ira Levin published ROSEMARY'S BABY in 1967 (MAD Magazine did a wonderful spoof on this novel entitled, "Rosemary's BooBoo."  If you can find it, read it).  This a modern ghost story; once you start reading it, you can't put it down.  And it is believable, too.  The next on my Fun List is THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo.  A novel where you get to know and love organized crime!  When this book was published in 1972 (if off, excuse me), there was much discussion - was Johnny Fontane based on Frank Sinatra?  Last on my is from 1990 - JURASSIC PARK by Michael Crichton - another one of those, "can't put down book."  Someday soon, I will write about my all time favorite book.  It's one that I can't call a, "fun read," because my mother and her sisters were still debating the outcome sixty years after the damn thing was published.  Later.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just A Suggestion

Yesterday, L.A. Parker mentioned a gathering of Hispanic groups in Columbus Park in early June. Sounds like great fun, and I plan to be there. L.A. mentioned, however, that while flags from Central and South American countries would be flying, the American flag would not until the Fourth of July. I urge the organizers to reconsider this decision; it would be diplomatic to fly the colors of your host country - that's us. Just a suggestion.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L. A. Parker

Many of you in Blogoland do not like L. A. Parker, but his column in today's paper was super terrific. Yes, the word is, "Crime is Up!" Maybe so; I'm leery of statistics because they are so easy manipulate. And back in 2005 when the police were at full force, we had thirty-five murders here in Trenton. But the point of L.A.'s article was the lack of education. Black Trentonians are not big on education. And that's a big mistake. And it's something I don't understand. Prior to the Civil War, it was a capital crime to teach a slave to read and write; it was a crime for a slave to learn to read and write yet many took the risk - education was important. Today the attitude is, "School is Mr. Charlie's thing; I be from da hood." I often wonder what happened to the United Negro College Fund which had a TV commercial that announced, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." We've wasted a lot of minds over the years and it's time we stopped. Instead of looking for ways to keep kids amused, maybe we should be looking for ways to get them behind a desk taking notes - you know - learning. (Sorry about the underscoring - I hit something and don't know how to make it stop)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Now For Something Completely Different

During his State of the City Address the Honorable Mayor announced the reopening of the four closed branch libraries. Since he is so interested in the literary, I thought it would be fun to discuss books. For example, my favorites. This posting will deal with five novels I find to be valuable. The first three are political. Whenever someone wants to understand our political system, I recommend these three. ADVISE AND CONSENT by Allen Drury published in 1959. It won a Pulitzer. The plot is based on a real scandal and works around a presidential appointment facing the advice and consent of the senate, the backroom deals, the nasty behavior. Then there is THE LAST HURRAH by Edwin O'Connor published in 1956. The plot involves the last election of an aging Irish politico in a city like Boston. The hero is based on James Michael Curley (either you loved him or hated him); it is a good picture immigrant politics. My favorite scene is election night. The returns are coming in and suddenly Our Hero notices one district is not reporting like it should; that's the beginning of the end. The third ALL THE KING'S MEN by Robert Penn Warren. Published in 1946, this novel also won a Pulitzer Prize. The hero of this novel is based on Hughy Long. A good. well meaning man becomes a political tyrant. The Long clan did a hellva lot of damage to Louisiana. The next two are war books; how men react to war. THE CRUEL SEA by Nicholas Monsarrat is about he British navy during World War II. The main characters are the crew of the HMS Compass Rose, a convoy ship. Probably the most dramatic part of the novel is when the Compass Rose is struck by a U-Boat and how members of the crew react. One sailor commits murder to get a seat on a lifeboat, another commits suicide to give up his seat. The final novel is THE CAINE MUTINY by Herman Wouk and published in 1951 (also a Pulitizer winner) . The mutiny was not crazed sailors running about with a cutless here and there. It was legalistic decision that brought about a court marshal (also a great part of the book). The mutiny was Mr. Maryk telling Captian Queeg he no longer had authority on the bridge. Soo, I'll be back with my favorite five, "fun," reads. Enjoy this lovely weather.

Friday, April 6, 2012


It's all Doug Palmer's fault; our Honorable mayor, members of his staff, and even the city clerk, all have problems. All problems were caused by Mayor Palmer. I was no great fan of Doug Palmer's; yes, he left things in a bad way. But our Honorable Mayor while running, said many times he had the answers; he was ready to hit the ground running; he was going to turn the city around. We have gone from the frying pan right into the fire. My favorite excuse is, "We are still learning." I hear that at council meetings. In fifteen months no one has learned anything?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Remeber OOCH

Calling all dissatisfied Trentonians. Please join me tomorrow morning at 8:30AM at city hall for a sit-in. Let the administation know how unhappy we are. If you have doubts, consider this. We are facing a tax increase and it will not be pennies per hundred; it will be dollars per hundred. Hope to see you tomorrow morning. Bring coffee if you want; I'll bring the garbage bags. See ya.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Two plus Two Equals Five

Despite the huffing and puffing on the part of our Honorable Mayor and certain members of council, the budget reduction was what council should be doing. The office of the Honorable Mayor asked for X dollars; council said, "No, you can have Y dollars. It's up to you to make it work."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Children's Hour

Last evening at the special council meeting both council and the administration outdid themselves. Blogolanders, I can't remember when I was so embarrassed by a performance. First, the Honorable Mayor (who has yet to explain why he needs all those aides) behaved like a three year old; "I won't do it; I won't do it; I won't do it." He wasn't getting his way so he's not going to turn in a budget or sign off on a budget or whatever. If the Honorable Mayor has not actually lied to the voters, he certainly has misled us. As to council - ye gods!!! President McBride insulted two of her colleagues in public. She ignored Robert's Rules of Order and behaved with an utter lack of courtesy. Since her daughter is an aide to the Honorable Mayor, Ms. McBride should have recused herself anyway. Two other members of council made it very plain they have no idea what they're doing. Ms. Reynolds-Jackson hemmed and hawed and made no sense to me. As for Mr. Bethea - the man must stop singing the Song of the South. Each time he rambles on about being a poor, barefoot, ignorant farmboy from the south, he makes himself look ridiculous. Much seems to confuse him; like Ms. Reynolds-Jackson, if he's so confused, he should resign. The Honorable Mayor also complained about being disgusted with, I believe he called it, "political posturing." If that's the case, he should resign. If any of you out there in Blogoland agree with me, join me at city hall on Monday, April 2 8:30AM for OOCH - Occupy Our City Hall. This is very important, fellow Trentonians, because that crew running the show actually believes they have public support; they actually believe they are doing the right thing. Here's a chance to let them know they've screwed up and BIG TIME!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Flushing Facts

The latest out of city hall is really, really funny. Trenton is running out of toilet paper!! Anyone with business in a city facility is urged, by me, to bring a roll (not the buttered kind). What next?

A Conservative Opinion

Anyone who has known me for more than a month will not be surprised to learn I am opposed to S851, a bill currently working its way through the state senate. In today's Trenton Times, George Amick wrote in favor of this bill. It would protect good Samaritans - like this. Four people are somewhere shooting up (three of them are on probation). The fourth O.D.s. From fear that they may arrested for drug use, the three do not call 911. Their pal dies. If S851 passes, no one could be arrested for calling 911 even if the EMTs had to wade through packets of drugs. Mr. Amick also included a few tales of woe from people who lost loved ones because their fellow druggies did not call 911. Blogolanders, people who are on probation or who are paroled from prison AGREE to obey the law; they agree not to do anything illegal. So if they are shooting up, they have violated their agreement and should be taken into custody. As to the sad tales - why were these folks shooting up? Often when you engage in risky behavior, you get hurt; sometimes very hurt like dead. I have long felt a problem with our society is that no one accepts responsibility for their actions, for their behavior, for their values. It's always someone else's fault. And only the government can help or solve or make better. This opinion my offend many of my readers, but I was raised with the theory that 95% of our problems are of our own making. I may post more about this tomorrow.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The City vs. The State

A few days ago Trenton learned that the STATE would not be giving us regular large contributions. Several Trentonians I heard from were all upset with the usual, "This is the capitol city; we should get host benefits, etc., etc." The usual bitch and moan chorus. If we want regular, reliable sums (and I believe we should get such), we, Trenton, must do a few things before we can really cry poor. First (and this is the most important) do an accurate inventory of just how much property the state actually OWNS. And I don't mean rents, I mean, "OWNS." Over the years, I've heard the state owns anywhere from 25% to over 50% of the property here in Trenton. Just driving around Trenton, I suspect the city owns more than the state does. Like that beautiful big park in the West Ward - you could put the entire statehouse complex in that park. After doing an inventory, the next step an accurate valuation (again, I mean ACCURATE) of all the property. It's all very well and good to say the value of the state-owned property is ten million dollars; yeah, but who's going to pay ten mill for it? That's what I mean by, "accurate." Once this information is available, city government can sit down with our legislators and governor and work something out. It would also be nice if the folks at 319 East State stopped insulting the folks down the street on West State. But lastly, a political truth. We, Tretonians, did nothing for Chris Christie; he's going to worry about the folks who VOTED for him. That is what elected officials do. For years, Trenton spent money it did not have; nobody tried to stop it. Now the bill comes due. Perhaps we would get more out of the state if we, Trenton, admitted our fault and presented a plan, a realistic plan, to solve the problem. The Honorable Mayor and the current council ain't doin that. Later.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

OOCH - It Has Meaning

OOCH stands for Occupy Our City Hall. A few days ago, I suggested those Trentonians who REALLY want change gather at city hall on April 2. March 31 marks the end of the first quarter of the calendar year and the end of the THIRD quarter of the fiscal year. Once at city hall, we Trentonians engage in civil disobediance - we sit down and refuse to move until the city government listens to us - really listens to us. It may take a few days, maybe a few weeks, but what the hell. In short, Trentonians, here is a chance to take action!! To do something. Is anyone out there in Blogoland interested? I hope I won't be sitting there all by myself. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Teachable Moment

A while back, President Obama used this expression with regard to an incident in Massachusetts. Right now, he should take his own advice. This blog entry is not about a local issue but a national one. The question of whether employers MUST provide birth control/abortion coverage in the employer provided health plan. Employers opposed to birth control/abortion are most unhappy - as they should be. Here's how it goes, Blogolanders. I apply for a job with the Roman Catholic Church; I should have a basic understanding of the beliefs of this religion and should not expect birth control/abortion coverage. If I want it, I have a few options - (1) pay the full cost myself (2) go work elsewhere (3) buy my own supplemental policy. By insisting on this coverage, President Obama is asking this group to violate their religious principles which is probably illegal. And where does it stop? Will Hebrew schools be forced to serve milk with every meal even when lunch is chicken salad? So long as the religon or group is not practicing human scarifice, I say to the federal government - MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Far Horizons

Last Thursday, Council President McBride went too far, and I mean too far. During public omment, Mr. Dion Clark spoke about his treatment a few weeks when council went into executive session, and he was asked to not only leave the second floor, but also leave the building. Ms. McBride stated it never happened even though Mr. Clark had a witness. She called him a, "liar." While I was not present, my experience has shown that both Mr. Clark and his witness know truth. I believe them.

As to our present council, most continue to whine about the problems they face and how the problems were created by the previous administration/council. Well, council you all knew the problems when you ran; you claimed, during the debates, that you had all the answers and were ready to hit the ground running. Blogolanders, they have no idea of what they are doing; they have learned nothing in 21 months. NOTHING!

One of my readers made an excellent suggestion - rather than send park landscaping money off to Philadelphia, approach local civic groups about, "adopting," a park. I like that idea. Citizen involvement that saves money. Again, the Honorable Mayor refuses to see how much talent is in this city; talent ready to help.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Girls - A Mother's Pride

Good Morning Trentonian in Blogoland! It's me, Eris, bragging about the mess my girls have made. It's wonderful. First, a city employee, one David Tallone, is caught behaving in a criminal manner. He's should have been suspended without pay, but he wasn't, and he even got paid after his conviction. Do you think Trenton will ever get that money back? Naaaw. But like all crummy civil servants, Anthony Roberts and David Rousseau are just blowing it off as a minor clitch. No, it's serious business, but who cares since this is Trenton. A couple years back, Lamberton Lilly attended a council conference with some envelopes from the city; they were sent out not with 44 cents postage but 61 cents. Dennis Gonzolalez had the grace to seem embarrassed. Not the current crew; they think this is all funny. And I notice there's another secret meeting aka executive session this afternoon. All these wonderful secret meetings; you wouldn't believe what they discuss. Check out the docket for this afternoon. There's over one hundred thousand dollars in landscaping fees to a Philadelphia firm!! Trenton is broke, like out of money with no income and the Honorable Mayor wants to spend 100 grand on parks!! There is no sense of finance - my girls make sure that happens.
You are all screwed. Anyone interested in the Occupy City Hall Movememt?


Somehow I hit the wrogn freakin key again so the first My Girls is blank. I'm sorry about this; I'm hoping to learn how to delete stuff.

My Girls - A Mother's Pride

Friday, February 24, 2012

Municipal Madness

The council meeting yesterday afternoon was a combination of a zoo and a circus. Councilman Bethea rambled on and on and on about he is left out of the loop. Meetings take place and he is not invited. Probably because he's a boring person who cannot get to the point in less than thirty minutes. As to reducing the salary paid the honorable mayor - the chances of this scheme passing are slim, but how else are we to get the attention of the honorable mayor? Since this is not the CAINE MUTINY, Council cannot say," Mayor Mack you have no authority in this city, leave your office and return to your home immediately." Like it or not, we have to tolerate this guy for the next twenty-eight months. The kicker though was the announcement that Council President McBride wants the entire second floor cleared of the public whenever council goes into executive session. The reason for this piece of merda is that the members of the public overheard members of council yelling at each other!! The are a couple of ways to solve this problem. The most obvious one is don't yell at each other. That's too simple. Another, the 0ne I prefer, is hold your damn executive sessions on another day. And lastly, stop already with the damn executive sessions. For a group of public officials who yap about transparency, you sure don't practice it. What are you discussing that's so secret??? As to clearing off the second floor; I ain't gonna do it. This time I will make a stink. It will make the front page of the Trentonian - I love it. The big, bad security officers dragging away the disabled senior citizen living on a fixed income. Anybody who is interested in seeing pathetic in action, make the next council meeting.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Civil Disobedience

These are the times that try one's soul - not very original, but useful. Blogolanders, more and more of us are upset, disappointed, disgusted, with our current municipal government. We spend a lot of time, probably too much time, bitching and moaning, and not enough time really doing. The recall was true action. It did not work. We do, however, have another opportunity. Remember the Occupy Wall Street group? We even had some here in Trenton. They were engaging in what is known as, "civil disobedience." That's when citizens announce they will do something - usually disruptive - and then do it. This activity is held in high regard by many. Blogolanders in Trenton, this is a call to arms. The first quarter of this year ends on Saturday, March 31, so city government is back in business on Monday, April 2. Taxes are due. Why don't we all converge on city hall (prepared to pay our taxes) and just occupy the place until the Honorable Mayor gets off his high horse and listens to us. If not, we stay put. We will get great publicity. While there is a certain sarcastic tone here, I'm really not joking. I am totally pissed with, just one example, the lack of inspectors which not only keeps contruction at a crawl, but also denies the city funds earned from inspection fees. Oh, that part time plumbing inspector that the Honorable Mayorable promised us - he never showed for work. Who's with me?

Civil Disobediance

Very Strange Bedfellows

Most Blogolanders have heard the expression, "Politics makes for stange bedfellows." Yesterday evening I found myself with a very strange bedfellow. The Hon. Verlina Reynolds-Jackson!! She and I both agree that Trenton should allow McDonald's to build a place on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street so the owners can pay some $40,000 per annum in taxes. If the McDonald's plan was shot down, some religious group was next in line to bid on the property, and we all know how much in taxes religions pay - ZIPPO!! I doubt Ms. Reynolds-Jackson and I are thrilled with each other as bedfellows, but it does prove even those who are far, far apart philosophically can find common ground. Maybe there is hope after all for our council - seven people with eight adgendas.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's Good About Trenton

L.A. Parker's column brought forth two snotty comments; I'm not sure why, because L.A. was right on the money. The STARS program at ArtWorks last Friday was very well done, there was some interesting art, a good sized crowd, and tasty munchies supplied by T.C. Nelson of Trenton Social. Too bad that our Honorable Mayor could not drop in for a few minutes to press the flesh. There are good things, positive things taking place in Trenton. Of course good news is nowhere near as sexy as bad news. Blogolanders, many of you have heard the old adage, "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." A lot of people here in Trenton ARE lighting candles. I regret so many of you still prefer to curse the darkness. And moving out of Trenton is NOT the answer. Think for a moment - what if all those people who fled Trenton in 1968 just after the riot had stayed. Trenton would be a very different city today. Have a good week.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fair Life

Well, Bloglanders, it seems one Vincent Giordano is in deep poop because he spoke a truth - LIFE IS NOT FAIR! Not very original since John Kennedy gave the same reply to a reporter during a press conference. News flash. Life is not fair. Life has never been fair. I doubt it ever will be fair. Let's think about fair using JFK as an example. He was rich, intelligent, charming, president; he also had his brains blown out when he was 46 years old. Was that fair? As my father once said, "All you can do is play the cards you've been dealt." I am not sure why people get all upset and angry when they hear the truth.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Accession Day/God Save the Queen

This is useless information from an anglophile. It's sixty years tonight that God has saved the queen. Elizabeth II has reigned for sixty years; this summer there will be celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee. She's only the second monarch to have reached this benchmark. Queen Victoria was the first in 1897; George III missed it by about nine months. As you know, Blogolanders, I am a royalist, but I also admit this is a form of government that outlived its usefulness. I would not be surprised, if the monarchy were quietly abolished when the present queen dies, although that could be years in the future. Her mother lived to be 101. The Australians are getting ansty; I believe Elizabeth II was told when she dies, Australia will become a republic. The Jamacians announced they would become a republic very soon. Possibly the entire commonwealth may just disappear; it, too, has outlived its usefulness. Sorry if I've bored you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hail and Farewell - Part Two

It seems the director of health and human services, Joseph Rubino, M.D., will be leaving his city job soon. Dr. Rubino is that odd creature in the Mack Administration - he cleared city council and was really appointed. None of this acting stuff. In the 18 months that Dr. Rubino served Trenton, he and I spoke perhaps four times. He was not happy when I said I thought Trenton could do away with health and human services. I'd like to see the county handle such a thing. He also took umbrage when I said there were certain diseases could be stopped if people did not engage in risky behavior. So, Blogolanders, as you've probably guessed he and I were not best buds. Yet, he's a nice guy, pleasant, amusing, bright, etc. So I wish him well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hail and Farewll - Part One

The Hon. Linda Feinberg announced she will retire soon. A number of Blogolanders will probably say, "Finally!!" These are people who did not agree with her decisions; if she had found in their favor, welllll, that would have been another story. Personally, I not only like, but also admire Judge Feinberg. When I first met her, she was still on the municipal bench in Lawrence. I was new to Probation working in Community Service; Judge Feinberg was one of the few judges who took the program seriously. I did not agree with all of her decisions, but that's my problem, not hers. She was, however, always the perfect professional. To my knowledge, she never said or did anything that embarrassed the majesty of the law. So, I wish her well.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Back!

Happy New Year, Blogolanders! Very early New Year's Day, I landed in the hospital where I stayed till January 10 when I moved to Water's Edge Rehab Center on Union Street. I got home Tuesday and continue to recover. As rehab centers go, Water's Edge is pretty good. The physical therapy program is outstanding; the staff is very considerate and concerned and patient. The decor is rather high end hotel; I was comfortable there. Another well kept Trenton secret. As to the ups and downs of Trenton, I'm sort of taking a break. The problems will still be here in a few weeks. For all of you who called, e-mailed, etc. looking for me - thanks for your consideration and concern. Later.