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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Education

Good morning, Blogolanders.  It's been awhile, but I am still learning this new, improved way of posting.  I prefer the old and crummy way; however, I digress.  Monday, I went off to meet and greet the three candidates for superintendant.  I did not speak to Mr. Duran because after meeting and greeting the other two, I realized they wouldn't work; I assumed the same for Mr. Duran so I left.  Here's the elephant in room (and when I asked the other two about Dumbo, I offended many).  Most (not all) Trentonians have no regard for education which is why we have a 47% graduation rate.  How do you change that attitude?  Neither of the two I spoke with could give a straight answer.  Then there is the issue of gangs; how does one break up their influence?  Again, dance around the issue.  Of course, I heard much about, "bad teachers."  To that,  I say, bullish!!  You can have the best teacher in the world; if the student does not want to learn, the student will not learn.  And we have kids who have no interest in learning.  I wish Mr. Duran well.  Maybe he will change things.  If he's still here in five years it will be because he did change things.  But personally, I still feel what the Trenton school system needs is a retired Marine drill sargeant with flat feet, a bad back, an ulcer, and a rotten marriage.  Someone who is meaner than a junk yard dog; someone who starts each day by shouting, "Listen up and listen up good!!!"  Extreme?  You bet.  But we haven't tried it.  We have tried the, "love 'em and hug 'em," approach which has failed, and failed good. 

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