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Sunday, June 23, 2013


During the last few days, there has been a call for the governor to ride into Trenton and save us!  Well, the governor ain't no Lochinvar and Trenton ain't no Ellen.  Yes, this is the capitol city, but most of our problems are of our own making.  My neighbors were whining about taxes and the school system twenty-seven years ago.   Art Holland was still mayor;  he cut back garbage pick-up from three to two days and the bitching and moaning - like it was the end of Western Civilization!! 

The financial problems this city has were created by the city - not the state. 

Here is some information we could all use.

Just how much property is owned by TRENTON?  Parks, public buildings, schools, etc.  The city cannot tax itself.

Just how much property is OWNED BY THE STATE?  And I don't mean occupied by the state since some of these buildings are rented.

Just how much property is OWNED by churches, religious groups, non-profits?  And again, I mean owned since even non-profits rent space from private owners who pay taxes.  (By the way, I've long felt churches, temples, mosques, whatever should pay taxes.)

Just how much is owned by the county? 

As for the argument that Trenton gives the state more than they give us, Blogolanders, try this .  On a nice weekday - late morning, early afternoon, drive through beautiful downtown Trenton.  Notice all the people out and about.  Notice, too, that they almost all wear state I.D.s.  Now drive through beautiful downtown Trenton on a lovely Saturday, again, late morning, early afternoon.  See a difference?  A big difference?  Most of the foot traffic is gone.

I've said and written many times that Trenton MUST solve its own problems.  We have an irresponsible administration and a useless council.  Of course we have financial problems; but who elected these people? 

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Children's Hour

Hello, Blogolanders!  As the weekend goes by, I'll be posting more thoughts on this issue.  Last evening, all seven Argives were in attendance.  And Councilwoman Reynolds-Jackson was very upset that voting was taking place in reverse alphabetical order!!  Oh, my God.  She had to vote first.  That means the lady had to think for herself rather than follow her pals, Bethea and McBride.  The poor woman probably left the council chamber with a headache. 

Of course for a year, she has been sitting out of alphabetical order and not said a word.  And she still does not seem to grasp the difference between a resolution and an ordinance.  Hey, councilwoman -- an ordinance requires the mayor's signature - he can veto an ordinance and then council needs FIVE (the number of fingers on one hand or toes on one foot - got it, Honey?) votes to override the mayor's veto. 

This alphabetical seating was really amusing when Jim Coston replaced John Ungrady (sorry, folks, I hit something and can't make it go away, so please excuse the underlining).  Everybody but Milford Bethea moved one chair to the left in the conference chamber.   It was a pain in the ass as they had to clean out their file drawers and such.  But they kept to the alphabetical tradition. 

The Seven Argives finally decided that George Muschal would return to the presidency and serve till next year.  There is no vice president. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Political Cynicism

First, to all you fathers out there - Happy Father's Day.  Well, Blogolanders, we've been hearing a great deal about the, "special elections," to fill the senate seat left vacant by the death of Frank Launtenberg.  Many Jerseyans are upset about how Governor Christie handled this situation.  Yes, it is going to cost too much money, but if we dropped the primary and let the parties hold nominating conventions, the state could save half the money. 

Next, this election will give the Republicans an edge.  My feelings about that - too bad.  It's probably sour grapes.  Remember when Robert Torricelli resigned suddenly?  Remember how his name was replaced by, guess who, Frank Lautenberg?  Remember how the Republicans cried that it was unfair to change the ballots so close to the election?  And remember how they were told to get over it?

Boy, has that worm turned.  Of course, if the Democrats had not chosen an elderly man with health issues (and perhaps even the beginnings of dementia), they would not be facing this issue.  They were lucky he lasted this long.  Frank Lautenberg reminds me of Senator Carl Hayden of Arizona who ran his last campaign from a hospital bed and WON!  Hayden was then his late eighties (I think).

Governor Christie made a shrewd, cynical political decision.  Whether he did the right thing, we'll know in about three years. 

Please remember, Blogolanders, that the governor could have appointed himself! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just In Case

Hello, Blogolanders.  A great day; I got a lot done.  The bathroom sparkles and my so-called garden has been weeded and raked.  What I'm really posting about is frauds on-line.  Earlier this week, someone broke into George Muschal's computer and sent out an e-mail requesting $3,000 because he was in Spain with a sick cousin and short of cash.  Hopefully, everyone realized it was a scam and ignored it.  Should any of you receive such an e-mail from, "me," ignore it.  About a year ago, I received such an e-mail from a neighbor and knew damn well she was not in Spain.  This one claimed she had been mugged and a long with all her money her passport had been stolen and the embassy refused to help.  That was bullshit.  That's one of the functions of an embassy - to help with lost passports.  Stealing an American passport is a very serious crime since it is the property of the United States Government.  And believe me, if I were ever stranded overseas without money, I WOULD CONTACT MY SISTER! 

It took Mrs. Muschal about two days to clear everything out.  I admire her patience with this all.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Round 'n Round We Go

Good morning, Blogolanders.  I've been off-line for a longish time because, very frankly, the weather depresses me.  Last Saturday, hoping to feel better since it wasn't raining, I drove around our fair city and arrived home feeling even more depressed.  Except for a few lovely neighborhoods, Trenton is dirty, seedy, run-down, uncared for, and unloved.

And Trentonians continue to shoot each other while there are screams for, "more police."  Like more police will change behavior.  Has no one noticed that there are no shootings in the, "nice," neighborhoods? 

Then the Honorable Mayor decided to throw a few parties for which we, the taxpayers, will foot the bill.  Why is no one at city hall screaming like hell about these costs?  Why is no one gathering at city hall on tax day chanting, "Hell, no, we won't pay till we get our say?"  That is known as civil disobedience and is held in high regard,  The taxpayers in Trenton will bitch and moan but do nothing.

Let's finish with the hotel.  Michael McGrath resigned from the Lafayette Yard board.  Michael is an honest man who can not be sold bull shit.  So now there is no one on the board with balls that I know of.  And the state is not going to rush down the street with several million dollars to save our ass. 

If you are truly concerned about the financial state of our fair city, I urge you to call your councilpeople and urge them to vote against the bond issue.  I'm wondering who will buy these bonds anyway.  I, for one, would not buy a thirty dollar bond issued by the City of Trenton. 

While I am not ready to flee to some age-restricted, gated community, I do sometimes feel what Trenton needs is several gallons of gasoline and a match.  Burn it out and start all over again.