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Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Summertime

And for the next few weeks, my postings will be based on my thoughts and philosophy. It's too nice to be doing much else. Like I should be outside pulling weeds, but I don't feel like it. Just a few civic comments. Tuesday Nite Live went very well with the election of officers for council. Everyone behaved with dignity and courtesty. And some advice for Mayor Mack which he will ignore, but what the hell. Mayor, be careful with the OPRA requests, because when you lest expect it, this will come back to bite you on the ass. Yes, it's summertime and the, "livin is easy," or it should be which got me to thinking about poverty. It seems to be relative. For example, one could take the poorest person, with a place to live, living in Trenton and compare that person to someone living in, let's say, East Africa. The East African has little if any access to regular meals, clean water, television, air conditioning, education, in door plumbing, not to mention alcohol and cigarettes. Hopefully, you get my drift. Take this resident of East Africa and place them in Trenton, maybe a house on Daymond Street here in the South Ward. The East African would probably feel he/she had died and gone to heaven. Now, I do not consider myself poor; most people in Trenton would not consider me poor, but if one were to compare me with the Astors, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, hell, I'm hanging on by a thread. What I live on annually, any of these people spend in a month, maybe even a week. Yes, I do live better than most of my neighbors, and my annual income is above the median here in Trenton. Now, for the last twenty years or so, I've listened to any number of people describing programs for, "poor people," or the "poverty stricken," or the , "disadvantaged," whatever. No one has ever said, "This program is designed to break the cycle of poverty," or even better, "this program is designed to find out why people are poor so we can move on from there." The main reason is that there is a lot of money to be made off poverty. Just think for a moment of all those employed in non-profits, public agencies, etc. If there was no poverty, these folks might actually have to go out and get a job. And that, dear Blogolanders, is why I am not overly generous to or supportive of anti-poverty efforts. I refuse to be responsible for keeping anyone down. Now, I suppose I should at least do the laundry.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recall Petition

For those of you interested in signing the recall petition, Artifacts Gallery, 1025 South Broad (corner of Elm & South Broad) has petitions. The gallery opens Tuesday to Saturday at 10AM. They do super terrific framing, so if you've meaning to frame your bowling certificate, now's the chance. They also carry a great selection of Trentoniana. It's not too early to start Christmas shopping.

Having Fun Yet?

I know, I'm not. Yesterday, I was all set to post, and the freakin' computer program did something - I tried to log on to post a blog, and IT asked for a password which it kept telling me was wrong. After hitting a variety of keyes hoping to solve the problem, the whole damn screen, e-mail, etc., disappeared. The Kid finally came by to help; he knows a great deal but not everything. I don't object to technology; I love my toaster and my steam iron, but they are both easy to use. But computers, it seems the minute I learn the latest and even get to like it, it is improved!!! But enough of my bitching and moaning. Blogolanders, I'm sure you all read the review of Tony Mack's first year in office. I thought it a very neutral piece - just the facts, ma'am, just the facts. Tony has had an awful first year. Hell, Richard Nixon had a better first year in office. And he continues to step in it. Nothing improves. Here's an example. The fiscal year ends three days - at midnight June 30. Has a budget been presented to council for the fiscal year 2012? Hell, no. Has council demanded, and I mean, demanded, a budget, even a draft, from the administration? Hell, no! And of course they won't. Kevin Moriarty pointed out recently that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. I have given up on the administration; I have given up on council. Both talk big and do little. As for the mayor's book....I have no doubt Tony went to a vanity press - that means he paid to have it published. I'd really like to know where the money came from. And Blogolanders, be prepared to have Tony handing out autographed copies during the next year or so. Maybe then, Tony will begin to have fun.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sticking My Neck Out

Good morning, Blogolanders! This post will offend many people, and it has nothing to do with the Honorable Mayor Mack or the city of Trenton. Has to do with state employees. Most of you know each month a comfortable state pension check is deposited into my checking account. Most of you also know (or should know) that the state pension system is in the toilet. Governor Chrities is trying to keep from flushing the whole damn thing down into the sewer. The unions are livid because he bypassed collective bargaining. They have a point, BUT did any union call the governor's office and offer to sit down to renegotiate the contracts? Did any union admit that these contacts were Cadillac class when the state can barely afford a Chevy? Sadly, no. And I can't blame Chris Christie for this mess or even Corzine or McGreevey. I do, however, blame Mrs. Whitman who bragged about her tax cuts which she financed by NOT making payments into the state pension fund. Did anyone scream about that? I know I did. My feeling was, "Screw the tax cuts. Just don't raise my taxes for a while." Time flies with no payments into the pension fund; more and more people retire. Not only do they retire, but they also want their COLAs. Cost of Living Allowance. Christie stopped the COLAs, but he did not reduce the pension payment - not yet, anyway. Last year, I assumed my pension would be cut back; I figured about $100 a month so I made adjustments in my standard of living. My pension was cut back just $8. Big deal. I don't know how else to say it. THE MONEY IS NOT THERE! Most of these contracts were signed when the economy was growing and growing. Everyone looked forward to solid growth. Then bottom fell out. So fellow retirees and current state workers - Please, please accept the fact that the money is not there! In fact, if we ALL (and that includes me) tighten our financial belts, the state may be able to solve this mess, and then we can all get more money each month. Now, for whatever it's worth, I do feel those who make really big salaries should kick in more in state taxes. There I disagree with the governor. So again, PLEASE ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO MONEY!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Frustration Doubled - Tripled

This is a time when I want to grab the Honorable Mayor Mack and shake him till his teeth rattle. How many more mistakes is this man going to make? Maybe he enjoys stepping in the crap; the IT flap is a perfect example. Let it go. Get serious. There are people here in Trenton who really, really want to help the city, but Tony you ignore them which makes me believe you don't give diddly about Trenton. And submitting your brother's name to become a coach, another bad move. Now, let me discuss council. I didn't witness the exchange between Councilmen Chester and Muschal. I've been told by someone whom I trust and respect that it was not as bad as reported; a few sharp words were exchanged. Maybe they were two tired and frustrated elected officials. As to the comments left about the article in the Trentonian - Mr. Chester is not a thug. Nor is he a criminal. He is a very well brought up young man with whom I frequently disagree. If anyone in the West Ward is not happy with him, don't vote for him. As to George being everywhere helping. Be grateful, Blogolanders. Citizens' concerns should REALLY behandled by the mayor's office,but starting with Doug Palmer, these concerns were foisted off the Office of Citizens' Concerns with so-so results. Trentonians started going to their councilpeople who picked up the slack. I've heard complaints that trying reach a current councilperson is difficult so off to see George who gets on the stick and accomplishes something. So other councilpeople, if you don't want George in your ward, move quickly.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Blogger - Dysnomia

Good morning, Mayor Mack. Lamberton Lilly asked me to post a blog; she and I are in close contact. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the ancient Greek personification of lawlessness and poor civil constitution. In other words, crappy government. First, I want to let you know, "Those whom gods would destroy, they first make mad." We have you in our sights. One thing we really do not like is, "HUBRIS." That's an old Greek word meaning overwhelming pride. Sadly, you're guilty of it which is why we started eyeballing you. Everyone makes mistakes; usually, people learn and move forward. You haven't learned. You are a nice man, but you don't seem to know what you're doing. I checked out your website which lists all the things you've done in the last year. Yes, you've been busy, but you've doing typical mayor stuff. Cutting ribbons, opening exhibits, etc. Big deal. That's what mayors do. It's not an accomplishment. It's part of the job. I'm sure you want to help your friends, but not at the public watering hole. And then giving yourself an, "A!" No, no, no. Maybe, just maybe, a, "C." There are people in Trenton who really want to help this city turn around, but you ignore them. You toss them a bone or two and turn your back. And stop blaming Doug Palmer; you knew you were walking into a mess; you claimed to have the solutions to the mess. You didn't. Did you blow smoke just to get elected? You still have some options. 1. Meet with David Ponton and his group to discuss what you can do, and how soon, to stop the recall. Then, of course, follow through. 2. Contact those Trentonians who offered help and advice. Meet with them, REGULARLY, and follow their advice. 3. Continue on your present course. That's what my sisters (I have two of them) and I would really like. We thrive on civil disorder; that's our function. In closing, my Aunt Themis and Cousin Dike really like Attorney McKithen. If you were to fix that sad situation, it would really give me a black eye.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Old Hen Looks @ a Duck

After watching the Daryl Brooks videos and trying not to laugh, I say this, "Daryl, forget the expression, "you know." No, I don't know; that's why I watched the videos. Next, this is not entirely a Palmer Redux movement - I support this recall effort, and I didn't support Doug the last two times he ran. In fact, because I didn't support the police director scheme, Doug didn't talk to me for nearly six years. Most of the folks I've spoken to who support the recall (1) never worked for the city and (2) supported Tony Mack last year. And to fill in your education, Daryl, the mayor, any mayor, has nothing to do with the clerk's office. Council, that's council, Daryl, hires and fires the clerk. If Tony hadn't lurched from mistake to another, there would be no recall. As for a learning process, to that I say, "My ass." During the campaign last year, Tony swore he was ready to hit the ground running. He had all the answers. The truly sad thing is that Tony has been offered really good advice, really good help AND he refused!! He gives lip service but nothing else. So instead of blaming Doug Palmer, Tony should be taking the attitude, "I brought it all upon myself." In closing, has the Honorable Mayor Mack asked Eric Berry to turn in the key to the city-owned car he, Berry, drives? If not, that has nothing to do with Dougie, it has to do with Tony.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Cube of Truth

I read the article about the raid on Jersey Street; I also watched the video. That's when the questions began. The police apparently had what is known as a, "No Knock," warrant which means they just kick the door in. Like all warrants, it must be signed a judge, and the judge must be presented with damn good reasons for a warrant. So one must assume that the police presented the judge with damn good reasons to request a, "No knock." Next, Mrs. Mitchell, who claims to have trouble seeing and to be blind, certainly saw alot. She described one police officer as, "the young one." Not bad for someone who has trouble seeing and is blind. Something was going on in that house.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Good and the Bad

Let's start with our governor. His decision to use the state helicoptor to attend his son's ball game was most ill advised. If I were his advisor, I would have suggested he drive himself in his car or better yet, take public transportation. If he had done so, the governor would have shown himself to be willing to pinch pennies. Hopefully, he's learned a lesson. Time will tell. As to filling in the Petty's Run site - bad move. Perhaps cover it up, but don't fill it in. We've already paid for the dig. Now the Marc McKithen caper. I've had a few coversations with Attorney McKithen and found him to be a very pleasant young man. If I had any problems with him, it was that, by his own admission, he didn't know much about municipal law. His field is patent law - the fellow has a masters in organic chemistry which I suspect means he's the brightest light in the council chamber. I would advise him to stop driving a city owned car from his home to his office. He lives about two blocks away. The Fix Trenton's Budget Committee met on Wednesday and came up with several good ideas. Dan Dodson (who was not present) and Bob Lowe are two men who know of what they speak; Tony, if he were truly interested in solving Trenton's many problems, would be meeting with these guys weekly. He is not. To my way of thinking, Tony has been blowing them off. Which makes me wonder how serious Tony really is.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And in This Corner.....

Once again, Tony Mack demonstrated his lack of foresight. If I were facing a recall, even if I thought it was a joke, the last person I'd want in my corner would be a Darryl Brooks. If Tony had been thinking, he would have found a sweet, church-going lady, the type who still wears a hat in public,to be his spokesperson. What really got to me was the theory that Doug Palmer is behind this. News Flash - Doug Palmer is history. What is behind this recall movement is Tony's behavior, choices, statements, you name it. And he keeps making things worse - the latest is, "I don't think." That's obvious. As I've posted before, I like Tony as a person; he's a hellva nice guy. As mayor - sorry, no. Be cool.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, to be in an English speaking city.....

During the last few hours, I've been running errands, stopping to chat with people, even voting. After reading the city hall response to the recall announcement, I wanted to calm down before posting. Is there no one in city hall who can write a simple, declarative sentence without making a grammatical error? Whoever prepared that statement should be fired. Now, as to the suggestion that we, Trentonians, should get behind the mayor, support him, etc. To that I say, Merde! The mayor should be helping us, the Trentonians, not the other way around. Tony has spent the last year lurching from one stupid mistake to another. He has been offered good advice, great advice. All of which he ignored. He has learned nothing and shows no signs of wanting to learn anything. Like now - the theory is we Trentonians are causing the problem. No one really wants to go through a recall effort, but that is how angry and disgusted Trentonians are. So Mr. Mack and Mr. Berry why not decide to change your ways? How is the investigation of the alledged forged time cards coming along or is that too expensive to investigate?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Calling all Trentonians

It seems David Ponton organized a recall committee and will deliver official notification to the city clerk this morning. Bloglanders, please give serious thought to this movement. A recall is not easy nor is it meant to be, but this is a chance to send the mayor a message. It is going to be hard work, but it can happen. Remember when Mayor Palmer wanted to sell the water department? That was a grass roots movement that WON! This another such movement. And if you are dissatisfied with the current administration, do not be afraid to sign the petition. You have a constitutional right to petition your elected officials for a redress of grievances.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Taste of Tasteless

I don't know Eric Berry, but several who do know him speak highly of his abilities. OK, since I don't know the fellow, I couldn't disagree - until this morning. Mr. Berry published a letter in the Times of Trenton complaining about an editorial describing Mayor Mack as, "cavalier and dismissive." Mr. Berry claims these words have to do with the mayor's state of mind. These words have nothing to do with the mayor's state of mind; these words describe behavior which is obvious to anyone interested. And both the mayor and Ms. Ira are frequently, "cavalier and dismissive." The editorial, I assume, came to be because the latest Mack administration crisis - alledged inaccurate time cards. Both the mayor and Ms. Ira tend hide behind, "confidential personnel matters." Yeah, sure. Trentonians, ALL city employees are paid with our tax money therefore we have the right to know how much they make and how long they work to make it. Mr. Berry also refers to current independent investigations as, "tasteless." You want tasteless, Mr. Berry? Neither The Times of Trenton nor the citizen journalists/bloggers gave us, "Happy Pearl Harbor Day." Now that was tasteless. As a taxpayer - one who contributes to your comfortable salary, I advise you to start investigating these charges and not waste valuable time writing letters.