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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Having Fun Yet?

I know, I'm not. Yesterday, I was all set to post, and the freakin' computer program did something - I tried to log on to post a blog, and IT asked for a password which it kept telling me was wrong. After hitting a variety of keyes hoping to solve the problem, the whole damn screen, e-mail, etc., disappeared. The Kid finally came by to help; he knows a great deal but not everything. I don't object to technology; I love my toaster and my steam iron, but they are both easy to use. But computers, it seems the minute I learn the latest and even get to like it, it is improved!!! But enough of my bitching and moaning. Blogolanders, I'm sure you all read the review of Tony Mack's first year in office. I thought it a very neutral piece - just the facts, ma'am, just the facts. Tony has had an awful first year. Hell, Richard Nixon had a better first year in office. And he continues to step in it. Nothing improves. Here's an example. The fiscal year ends three days - at midnight June 30. Has a budget been presented to council for the fiscal year 2012? Hell, no. Has council demanded, and I mean, demanded, a budget, even a draft, from the administration? Hell, no! And of course they won't. Kevin Moriarty pointed out recently that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. I have given up on the administration; I have given up on council. Both talk big and do little. As for the mayor's book....I have no doubt Tony went to a vanity press - that means he paid to have it published. I'd really like to know where the money came from. And Blogolanders, be prepared to have Tony handing out autographed copies during the next year or so. Maybe then, Tony will begin to have fun.

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