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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thank You, Councilwoman Holly-Ward

Good morning, Blogolanders.  No doubt, you've all read in today's Trenton Times, there will be a special council meeting on Tuesday to discuss, explain, tell Trentonians what happens when a mayor, or even a member of council, goes away for whatever reason.  The last time Trenton faced this problem was in November of 1989, when Art Holland died of cancer.  Council president Carmen Armenti was selected to hold down the fort leading most Trentonians to believe the office/title went automatically to the council president.  Not so.  There was, I've been told, much squabbling in the conference room over who should take over.  John Cipriano felt that as senior member of council, he should be acting mayor; Carmen Armenti argued that he had been mayor before  ( 1966-1970).  It went to Carmen, but it could have gone to anyone.

Please note, too, the Honorable Mayor was not available for comment.  And this is where I wonder  about the Honorable Mayor - really wonder.  This is where you say something like, "What a good idea; the more the voters know about their government, the better," or words like that. 

Ms. Holly-Ward plans to discuss what happens if a council seat becomes vacant; another good idea.  When Jim Coston resigned there was a lot of confusion as to how to fill his seat which had almost a year left.  So, Blogolanders, please come to city hall on Tuesday.  Sadly, this process is not easy.  Not like when the president dies, the vice-president is president.  No questions. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beautiful Dreamer

I have never enjoyed watching another human being humiliated; I've never enjoyed watching people makes fools of themselves (lest anyone jump on it, yes, I've made a fool of myself several times).  Monday, I went to Passage Theatre for the Honorable Mayor's fourth and last townhall meeting.  Except for June Ballinger, I was the only citizen present.  And June may have been there to make sure the building was properly secured when we left.  The Honorable Mayor arrived with his usual entourage.

As usual, he was very polite to me.  Then he started to talk.  First:  The media is at fault.  All the negative stories about Trenton.  The media never gives him or his administration enough attention.  OK.  But how often does the Honorable Mayor call the media and say, "Come over; let's chat about Trenton."  Rarely, if ever.  How many news articles contain the sentence, "The mayor could not be reached for a statement?"  Far too many.  Has he ever called the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal and asked for a reporter to do a, "puff piece?"  Nooooo. 

Moving along, the Honorable Mayor announced that his critics were those who asked him a job; he didn't give jobs so they went away pissed at him.  At this point, Blogolanders, I told him I never asked for a job; I never wanted a job.  I do ciriticize him.  In fact, most of the people I worked with during the recall attempt had NO interest in a city job.  They were either retired folks or had jobs that were too good to give up. 

The Honorable Mayor also assured the room that he was a fighter.  That he would be back. 

I have to give the Honorable Mayor credit for having the hide of a rhino.  Does nothing make this man feel shame? 

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Blogolanders, Mr. Perez has NOT said where he would get the funds to pay to 105 extra officers.  I tried to get to the edit portion; damned if I can ever make this work.  I'll take an IBM Selectric anyday.  Sorry.

Who's on First?

Recently, Tyrone Gaskins posted a long, confusing blog.  It seems Mr. Gaskins is supporting Peter Perez for mayor of Trenton.  Just as Mr. Perez has every right to declare himself a candidate, Mr. Gaskins has every right to support him, and in public.  I don't know Mr. Perez; I read that he believes he can rehire 105 police officers immediately.  Maybe.  Yet, Mr. Perez does say where the money is coming from.  Nor has he said how he plans to raise the tax base in the city.  Nor has he said how he would deal with the state PILOT.  True, it's early days, but if this man wants to be mayor, he should start explaining how he plans to make Trenton and new Eden. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

500 Against Trenton

I stayed home last evening - no council and no townhall meeting.  After reading the Times article and after a few phone calls, I realized I didn't miss much.  The Honorable Mayor felt few attended because there was no publicity in the media.  Bull Shit!  He held two town hall meetings the same time as city council.  What did he expect considering that Councilmen Muschal and Chester ask tough questions?  The Honorable Mayor didn't want them present.  By the way, that irresponsible blogger posted info about the town hall meetings.  Mayor, you want to pretend there are 500 people in attenance, fine.  Mayor, you have a problem.  You have a choice.  Ignore it or fix it.  So far, you ignore it.  Later, folks. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catch Up

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Where to begin.  From early Thursday afternoon to, I was back in RWJ Hospital with the usual lung issues.  When my doctor, the saintly and patient (no pun) Arthur Pacia released me, it was with the plea, "My darling, please go home and rest.  Forget Trenton."  If The Kid blows by, I'll send him out with a grocery list. 

The weekend in Trenton.  Shootings.  And of course the incident on Laurel Place.  Right under the nose of the Honorable Kathy McBride.  By the way, the picture in today's issue of the Trenton Times shows Councilman Alex Bethea and not Councilman Zachary Chester.  That's always encouraging when the staff of a, "local," paper can't identify one council member from another. 

Blogolanders, I find this habit of shooting someone over the slightest insult primative and distressing.  The excuse, "He dissed me," or "He disrespected me,"  is not an excuse for shooting someone.  First, who gives a flying fuck if someone disses you - actually the word should be RUDE but the well educated Trentonian does not know the difference between respect and courtesy.  And five thousand more police will not solve this issue.

What will help is getting the word out that we do not live in caves anymore; we are, in theory, civilized.  We are willing to accept a social contract - rules and regs - so we can live peacefully with each other. 

We don't do that here in Trenton.  By the way, no one should be drinking in a public park.  As I understand it, someone was drinking in the Laurel Place Park.  Why didn't Councilwoman McBride call the police then and ask that the fellow be removed? 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Straight from the Horse's Ass

Blogolanders, this should have been posted Wednesday, yesterday at the latest, but I got up in the blue waffles.  I also had a minor electrical problem at the house.  Tuesday evening, after council, I was standing outside of city hall wondering what to do about supper - microwave, Pat's Diner, Trenton Social, when out comes Daryl Brooks.  I do not like Daryl; I have never liked Daryl.  He stopped to inform me he was running for council at-large.  He also babbled on about his previous experience as a candidate - he ran for senator or something.  Then Daryl tells me he, personally, is responsible for our council and the Honorable Mayor; Daryl made sure they were elected so Trentonians would realize what happens when stupid people run a government.  He told me, "I got them elected;  I'll get them unelected."  Believe me, that does not inspire confidence. 

Now, Blogolanders, follow this thread.  Here's Daryl trying to convinence me he's wonderful.  Robert Chilson walks outside carrying camera equipment and doesn't even look at Daryl.  Suddenly, Daryl turns from me and starts yelling at Chilson for no reason.  And Daryl's comments were freakin offensive - certainly to me. 

I left thinking this ass wants to run Trenton; thinks he can run Trenton.  My advice to Daryl is, "There is help available.  Go get it." 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Big Leagues

Councilwoman McBride made the Big Leagues!!  She made the New York Daily News one of the grungier tabloids in New York.  It think the Post is the only other tabloid left.  Could be wrong.  Blogolanders, fifty odd years ago when I was young and even attractive, my friends and I a self-confidence test.  Will you sit in the lobby of Waldorf-Astoria reading the Daily News?
  If you could stay for at least thirty minutes you were self-confident.  When my father heard about it, he asked, "Do you leave the paper or take it with you?"  I don't remember. 

Forget the blue waffle; I liked the way her spokeman waffled around the issue.  Kathy has a sense of humor; Kathy is very serious; Kathy serves the voters, etc., etc., etc.  Nothing about the fact Kathy made a fool of her self.  Is she sorry for that? 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Viral

Last evening at council, Ms. McBride stepped in it up to her eyebrows by asking about an epidemic of something called Blue Waffle Disease.  It does not exist, but you all know that.  If you do google, do not do so while eating - pictures are very puke making.  The disease is an urban legend, and it was, apparently an April Fool's joke on the councilwoman.  Checking the web today, everyone seems to be having a good laugh at her expense.  Ms. McBride is not one of my favorite people, but I am embarrassed for her.  She made an ass of herself.  Should she be mayor?  God-NO!!!  The sad thing about leaping before you look, it takes a long time to live it down. 

Was she the only councilperson who was subjected to this hoax?  No member of council said, "I got the same call; it's a joke.  Forget it."  So it's possible someone set her up.  If that's the case, then she's got problems. 

I would suggest that Ms. McBride read a book entitled GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL by Jared Diamond.  Dr. Diamond explains his theories of how diseases spread, or don't.  A case in point, Europeans showed up in the Americas with small pox; they nearly wiped out the native population because the disease was unknown.  The Horn of Africa was once known as the White Man's Grave Yard because there were diseases known to Africans but not Europeans. 

Blogolanders, let's see how Kathy McBride handles this.  I don't have much faith or hope that she will do so in a graceful, intelligent manner.  Just my opinion.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lighting Candles

Good morning, Blogolanders.  You've all heard the old adage, "Tis better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness."  Well, on Saturday, over at First Baptist Chuch (Centre & Bridge) there were some folks lighting candles.  Trentonian, Elissa Horan organized an art program for kids.  She was given much help by the clergy of First Baptist and Carl Clark of Urban Promise.  The idea was for kids to come in, take pieces of paper or canvas, get some paints and brushes, and create.  Those kids showed talent.  And this isn't a, "make kids feel good," remark.  This is true. 

Carl Clark did a logo that I'd love to put on T-shirts.  But he's an adult.  Back to the kids.  And one of the ways Trenton is failing.  The talent, the interest, these kids showed.  How can we keep this going?

There are so many kids here in Trenton who have talent (the debating team) but the expectations are so low.  Former councilman Milford Bethea ran a chess team - a couple of those kids were feakin good - like Bobby Fisher/Boris Spasky good.  Since Milford retired, the chess team seems to have faded away. There is so much potential among these kids, and it's ignored.

Blogolanders - it's out there.  I do not know how to keep the ball rolling, but I do know we must keep the ball rolling.  I plan to reach out to men like Darren Green and Sam Frisby to pick their brains. 

To end, the program on Saturday will not solve the problem here in Trenton - that's a fact.  But a candle was lighted and that's a fact.  Maybe if we all stopped cursing the darkness and just lit a candle....  Think about it. 

By the way, if any of my readers have suggestions, feel free to let me know.