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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Available Freebie

Blogolanders, I have two tickets to the US Marine Band concert at the War Memorial on Saturday, October 27.  I can't use them.  Seating starts at 6:30; the concert itself at 7:30.  These concerts are very enjoyable AND free.  If anyone wants the tickets, please let me know via the blog site, and I will get them to you.  Thanks so much. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Think of His Family

While I tend to support the idea of cutting the Honorable Mayor's salary, I realize there are some strong arguments against such a move.  Some are valid.  One such is that future councils may decide to cut the salary as a way of controlling the mayor.  Another that such a move would cost the city more in legal fees because the Honorable Mayor would sue.  Maybe.  But the city council has the legal right to set the mayor's salary AND the Honorable Mayor did state publically that he loved his position so much that he would hold it for free.  I say take him at his word - maybe for once he is telling the truth.  One argument that holds no water is that the Honorable Mayor has a wife and four children to support.  Who cares?  Blogolanders, do you really believe that the FBI discussed the fact that arresting the Honorable Mayor would embarrass his wife and children?  Nah....   Maybe a cut in salary will demonstrate to the Mack family that when you play in poop, you pay.  If his salary is cut, perhaps it will get Tony Mack's attention.  Maybe he will realize he screwed up.  I doubt it, but it is worth a try. 

It's About Time

Bear with me, Blogolanders, I'm on a roll.  Last evening and Tuesday evening, the council chamber was very nearly packed with Trentonians.  While I did not agree with much that was said, I was truly happy to see so many people there.  May it continue.  By the way, From the Front Stoop published a valuable piece on conduct when addressing council.  The secret is courtesy and consideration for others.  Council would be well advised to make the three minute limit official. 

And, while I did not agree with much that was said (of course many did not agree with what I said), it was good to know that we could say it without fear of a knock on the door at two in the morning. 

He's the Mayor...So What?

Last evening, at a well-attended meeting of city council, several citizens got up to speak and said that Tony Mack was the mayor and we had to, "suck it up."  My words.  Yes, Tony Mack is the mayor, BUT he was elected by the voters of Trenton.  He works for us (in theory).  He answers to the public - the public does not answer to him.  During the last 27 months, the Honorable Mayor has lurched from one mistake to another.  In short, his behavior has been despicable.  Now for a quick history lesson.  Back in the late sixties, it was not unusual for President Johnson to be greeted by a mob of citizens chanting, "Hay, hay, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?"  No one said, "He's the president; we have to put up with him."  No, LBJ was driven from office - "I shall not seek another term...."  Fast forward to the Nixon administration.  Watergate was despicable.  Even  I as a Republican and Nixon supporter could not tolerate that behavior.  What did we get?  "I shall resign the presidency at noon tomorrow."  Tony Mack has dishonored the office of mayor.  While I am not prepared to call him a, "dummy," to his face, I did tell him about a year ago that he has proved to be a terrible disappointment.  So, if the citizens of Trenton chose to suggest he leave, the Honorable Mayor brought it all upon himself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trenton as the Mary Celeste

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Here's another one of what The Kid refers to as, "Your esoteric babble."  He's my sharpest critic.  The Mary Celeste is one of the great mysteries of sailing history.  It was a cargo vessal bound for Italy that was found floating in the Atlantic completely abandoned - the crew, officers, and the captain's wife and daughter gone without a trace.  There was no sign of a struggle.  The ship was just floating.  That's what Trenton is doing.  Just floating.  The crew and officers are, "gone."  The captain, i.e., the Honorable Mayor, is there by his absence.  His discussion before council actually made no sense.  The Honorable Mayor still insists that spending money we do not have is a good thing;  he insists that his administration has improved the city's finances.  As for the crew, aka city council, they still cannot grasp the fact that they do have authority; they have power.  By December of 2010, council should have known that the mayor was a lose cannon; they should have taken steps to reign him in.  Individual council members spoke out, but as a group - all seven of them - it did not happen.  Last evening, Councilman Chester asked about reaching for corporate sponsorships; the Honorable Mayor snapped back that nothing was stopping Mr. Chester from doing so.  Mr. Chester responded that he has tried, but is often asked, "Where is the mayor."  But again, looking for corporate sponsors is NOT a function of a council member.  That should come from the administration.  Council is to pass resolutions, ordinances, and watch the public purse.  Anything else a council member does is above and beyond the call of duty.  If they chose to do more, God bless them. 

Now, the Honorable Mayor did declare that he loves his job so much, he would do it for free.  What a wonderful suggestion.  Stop his salary.  See how long he loves Trenton.  Take his car away from him.  Tell him to take a bus to work.  See how long he loves Trenton. 

The only thing I can say with certainty is that there has never been a perfect government.  Somebody is always unhappy.  And taxes make people unhappy.  Epecially property taxes which I tend to accept if only because property taxes are deductible from my federal return, but Blogolanders, have any of you ever looked at the taxes on your PSE&G bill, your cable bill, your phone bill, etc.  Does anyone scream about those taxes?  Noooo.  Not to mention so-called, "sin taxes" which is why there is a growing movement to legalize marijuana - so the government can tax the hell out of it. 

In closing, please remember that you can always tell when a politician is lying because the mouth is moving.  In my opinion, until we stop looking for, "happiness," we will have ass holes running the government.  During the next election, listen for a candidate who tells you it is going to hurt; it is going to hurt badly; do not ask for anything because there is no money.  We must get back on a sound financial footing.  Run from the touchy/feely hug & luv'em crowd.  Have a nice day.

Monday, October 15, 2012

And the Odds Are...

Good morning, Blogolanders.  It's been quite a few days since I've posted, but there are days when I don't have anything, "profound," to add to cyberspace.  This morning, why not?  It seems The Honorable Mayor has been asked to appear before city council tomorrow afternoon.  Will he show?  Anyone want to make book on it?  If he does show up, I hope he has his lawyer with him.  Our Honorable Mayor ain't too bright and could step into a verbal trap.  From bits and pieces that have floated back to me over the last weeks, I seriously wonder if (1) The Honorable Mayor is taking a CDS; or (2) if he has suffered a complete nervous breakdown.  He is still asking people to come and work for his administration!!  Blogolanders, do not be shocked or even disappointed if our Honorable Mayor does not appear tomorrow evening.  Ciao.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

Good morning, Blogolanders.  I was at council last evening, and it was a good thing that Councilman Muschal was able to make it.  Ms. McBride and Ms. Reynolds-Jackson were not there.  Mr. Bethea strolled in fifteen minutes late.  Fortunately, there was a quorum.  The word is that McBride and Reynolds-Jackson were hoping George couldn't make it; they were hoping Bethea didn't show.  The plan is to shut down the council.  Blogolanders, during the next muncipal election, please remember this childish behavior before you cast your ballot.  Council is to start at 5:30PM; only three members of council are there on time - Ms. Caldwell-Wilson, Mr. Muschal, and Mr. Chester.  The other four consistently stroll in when they feel like it. 

As to the tax increase - as Mr. Chester explained - it is a PROPOSED increase.  Nothing has been agreed.  Just like Mr. Chester said several items would be looked at.  Yes, he said he would look at the senior centers - he did not say any center would be closed.  Mr. Chester simply expressed his thoughts on the budget!! 

Now, Blogolanders, senior centers, learning centers, parades, festivals, bi-weekly garbage pick-up all cost money!  If you want these things, be prepared to pay for them.  So, think - what do you really, really want to pay for.  What do you really, really need.