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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Give The Guy A Break!

Thanks to the never-ending energy of Jim Carlucci, we, the public, read that Cory Bethea applied for and received a city hall job as a litter specialist.  We'll pass over Mr. Bethea's interesting background; after all he could spell the word, "entrepreneur!"  That's a tough one.  My question is, "What the hell is a litter specialist?"  How much training does one require to specialize in litter?  Now here's someone who can spell and is trained in litter.  So I say, "Give the guy a break." 

Friday, August 17, 2012

So Open We're Closed

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Last evening, Thursday Nite Live were at their near best.  As usual, the meeting started late.  Ms. McBride is still pouting by refusing to sit in alphabetical order as council has done at least for twenty years.  A woman who engages in kindergarten playground behavior is an elected official?  Going back to the 2010 elections here in Trenton, every member of council took part in some sort of debate/meet the candidates event.  I know because I co-ordinated a couple of them.  Each sitting member of the current council promised, "open government," or, "transparent government."  In other words, no more secret stuff.  OK, Blogolanders, those are great sound bites because this council has held more executive sessions in two years than the previous council held in four!!  So much for open government.  They went into executive session last evening to discuss - are you ready? - the Linda Kelsey mess.  Like nobody knew about it.  By the way, it took them over an hour (God only knows what they decided; don't be surprised if Ms. Kelsey received a promotion).  My feeling is if this issue was so freakin urgent, Ms. Holly-Ward would have called an emergency executive session around noon yesterday.  After they strolled back into chambers, someone asked about the Paul Harris, "accident."  The answer was, get this, "We'll discuss it in executive session."  Bullshit!  First, anyone reading a freakin newspaper knows about it.  Anyone on the freaking compouter knows about it.  I want to know if Paul had permission to use that car, and if so, where he was going?  That car is public property - like you and I own it .  They can discuss this in public and stop hiding stuff.  My favorite fantasy is having council announce an executive session and having every citizen present in chambers stand up and block the door to the conference room and tell them, "If it's city business, you discuss it in public.  If it's not city business, do it on your own time."  Here's a cute one.  Sam Hutchinson, the accounting genius, stated he does not read newspapers!  For someone who is touted as brilliant, that was an asshole comment.  Council did confirm two permanent department heads.  I know nothing about the fellow heading public works, but I do know Cleveland Thomas having worked with him for years.  So more than halfway into this term, 60% of the departments have permanent heads.  That is more than half.  The Honorable Mayor can brag about that.  And Ms. Holly-Ward still displays a reluctance to use the g.d. microphone!  The Three Graces, of which P. Holly-Ward is one, still have their whispering campaign going.  The other four can be heard very clearly.  Even if I disagree, I at least know what they said. 

Blogolanders - please take this into consideration.  City council sits at the pleasure of the voters; they work for the voters; there are no unemployment benefits for those who lose an election; it's time to let them know they are on very thin re-election ice. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Proof Screw

Blogolanders, my posting about Tony's debt has a sentence near the end that should read, "so deeply in debt he will NEVER..."  I'm sorry about that; people should not proof their own work.  And that includes me.

The Final Piece of Good Advice

About two years ago, the Honorable Mayor and I saw each other at some function; he was very gracious, and we chatted briefly.  He asked for my opinions; I gave him some advice.  He nodded sagely and assured me we would talk further.  We never did, and he ignored my advice.  But now I will give him some advice and he would be well advised to follow it.  Tony, MAKE SURE ALL YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS ARE UP TO DATE.  ALL OF THEM!!!

Always Leave'em Laughing

Blogolanders, I sat down the other day to write one of my modern mythology pieces about our Honorable Mayor and his financial problems.  This guy is so far down he is no fun anymore.  I could not do it.  It is very nice that Alex Bethea met with Tony at the hotel; it is very nice that they prayed together, but right now, Tony needs more than prayer.  I admire what Tony was trying to do.  Hell, you have a miserible childhood in the Wilbur Section.  Add to that, the other issues he faced.  So when Tony decided he was going forward, that's a good thing.  He may have moved too fast; he may have wanted too much too soon.  And our  Honorable Mayor is not a deep thinker.  He is an easy mark for those alert for the main chance.  Anyone who has Tony's best interests at heart at this moment would say to him, "Exactly how much do you owe and to whom?"  Some in our fair city believe Tony should declare bankrupcy and move on.  In many cases, that would work, but I have this creepy feeling Tony did not always borrow money from conventional sources.  PSE&G might swallow bankruptcy; unconventional financial sources do not.  So not only is the Honorable Mayor so deeply in debt that he will be solvent again,  he will also end up in a worse situation than anything he knew while growing up in the Wilbur Section.  So, Your Honor, if they laughed then, they are laughing even louder and harder today. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

How Does He Do It?

Well, another embarrassing headline about the Honorable Mayor.  He (and sadly his wife) are on the hook for some fifty thou to the IRS.  I did a very rough calulation - the Macks are some half a million in debt.  His only income is his salary as mayor, which has to support six people.  I'm surprised he hasn't applied for food stamps; he may just qualify.  (Maybe he has.  Dose anybody at MCBSS want to check?)  And if the story about the lifeguards is true, then salaries are being illegally withheld.  What will it take to force Trentonians to tell Mack to pack?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Tony a Genius?

Blogolanders - Suddenly it hit me - the Honorable Mayor could be a freakin genius!  Now before you start screaming, read this.  There is a single mother here in Trenton with more than two children.  She gets public assistance but no child support from either father of her children.  She grew up on welfare; struggled in school; held a few deadend jobs.  She's been evicted.  She's had a her utilities shut off; she's had a car repossessed; she's had a house raided by the police because a boy friend was dealing.    She loves Tony because he can feel her pain; she feels his pain.  She voted for Tony in 2010 and will vote for him again in 2014.  The woman is not a figment of my imagination; she exists here in the South Ward.  She's a former client; I see her occasionally at the grocery store.  When you consider the demographics of Trenton, the Honorable Mayor has appeal.  Blogolanders, there are not enough voters here in Trenton who think differently.  If Tony runs for re-election, over half the voters in Trenton will be able to, "relate," to him. 

Wrong Is Right

Yes, the gate over the park entrance caused a big flap, it was not another chance to bash the Honorable Mayor.  He does that on his own; he most certainly does not need the public.  From Day One, the Honorable Mayor has stepped in it.  I doubt any man has made so many mistakes in so little time.  And this is a fellow who had people ready, willing, and able to encourage, advise, and warn.  Tony ignored them.  As to the gate, the fact that is was designed and installed in such secrecy tells me the Honorable  Mayor wanted to pull a fast one; he knew if he had gone, "public," he would (1) not have gotten the money from council and (2) maybe not have gotten approval from the various historical groups in the city.  This is not a, "Bash Tony," but rather another case of, "Ye gods, not again!!"  By the way the man who designed and made the gate really should be paid; he took this contract in good faith.