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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Blogger - Emily Post

On Wesdnesday, the The Trenton Times published a letter from one Maria Kelly who was in a snit because the Dishonorable Mayor was not permitted to address council and the public on August 15.  Blogolanders, he was on the agenda.  He was sucheduled to speak just after the opening ceremonies.  He was NOT there.  No one seemed to know when, if at all, he would appear.  Councilman Muschal did the right thing - he moved the agenda forward to public comments.  The Dishonorable Mayor finally appeared and stood in the door.  According to Ms. Kelly, council was rude not to stop public comments and allow the Dishonorable Mayor to speak.  Bullshit!!!  He was late.  He was rude by being late.  He forfeited his place on the agenda by being late.  If he had manners, he would have taken a seat and waited till public comments were over and then apologized to all.  But instead, he stomped off to his office.

If there is one thing about Trentonians that drives me nuts, it is the inability to tell time.  This casual attitude toward being late.  I often wonder how many of use keep our jobs.  The fact is, Tony Mack was late and got what he deserved.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Royal George

England's Royal George is a six-week old infant; Trenton's Royal George is Councilman Muschal.  Last week, several of my neighbors cut back and swept up the weeds along the curb on my block.  This week, Councilman Muschal and a helper arrived to cut back three overgrown lots.  George also trimmed several trees.  It was a lot of work - about six hours,  give or take.  Everything looks neat and tidy.

Blogolanders, in an ideal world, the local government should take care of tasks like this, but we do not live in an ideal world.  We live in a city that is broke in a state that is short of cash, with a municipal administration that leaves much to be desired.  In a little more than eight months, we will elect a new mayor and a new city council. 

Before voting, Blogolanders, PLEASE DEMAND of all candidates their plans to solve the various city problems, and I don't mean vague answers like, "We need more jobs;" We have to improve our eeducational system;" We have have increase our tax base;" We have to fight crime."  No shit!  But how?  That's what, we the voters need to ask; that's what, we the voters need to know. 

And where a candidate was born and raised, went to school, what sports played,  means nothing.  What plans the candidates have matters.   

Should you, the voters, decide not to go this route but instead follow the usual campaign crap, then do not bitch and moan if another group of losers gets elected.