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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ain't It A Shame?

With so much going in our fair city, over the weekend a small flap started over Councilman George Muschal's ability to speak, or inability, depending on your grasp of meanings.  First, I'll cover one issue - is he articulate?  Considering that he can get his thoughts out and make sense, then, yes, he is articulate.  Can he get people to listen?  Yes, he can unlike another member of council who rarely makes a grammatical error but when speaking can the bore the dead.  People tune him out.  So if people don't listen and grasp, for what purpose does he speak?  But the real problem is the use of the word (nonword), "ain't."  I have another platform to discuss the history of this word - which, by the way, the English language desparetly needs and has always needed. And, one person involved the, "ain't debate," has often said, "it don't,"  So to all of you language snobs out there (of which I am one, but privately), how often have you used the following terms?

1.  Free Gift?
2.  True Fact?
3.  Urban City?
4.  Two Choices?

If you have ever used any of these terms, you've displayed more ignorance of the English language than George does by using, "ain't."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weak Links

Hi, Blogolanders.  Thursday Nite Live had much to offer including an opportunity for me to think about analogies, in this case, chains.  We've heard the expression that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  City council is only as strong as its weakest members.  Two are very weak and not terribly intelligent.  One is marginal.  Here is a fact.  A McDonald's has been approved for the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street.  On Thursday, there was an ordinace to allow a reconfiguration of a street and realignment of some water/sewer lines.  Work that would have to be done whether a McDonald's opened or a cell phone shop opened.  A few of our elected officials, to whom we pay some $20,000 a year plus a few benies, could not grasp the fact that the ordinance had nothing to do with opening a McDonald's.  That had been agreed upon already.  I don't know if we were dealing ignorance or stupidity or both.  The main reason there were objections to McDonald's is because the harm it would do the students at Trenton Central High.  Somehow McDonald's is responsible for the high drop out rate at the school.  And also the cause obesity among the African-American population here in Trenton.  OK, maybe McDonald's doesn't serve the healthiest food, but what eatery does?  Damn few.  And has any member of council ever checked out the food served by TASK?  If there were no carbohydrates, TASK wouldn't be able to serve food.  Is anyone from council bitching and moaning about that?  Naaah.  And lastly, let's say a J. Crew outlet was scheduled to open.  There would be objections that would go something like this, "Ah feel that such an enterprise is totally unsuited to a location across from Trenton Central High because our students from Trenton Central High would be tempted to take up shoplifting which would only further dimish their already sad and pathic lives and further they would see things that they could not afford to purchase with their own funds because they lack spendin money and such a situation would contribute to their lack of self-esteem which is already so low."  So Blogolanders, do not expect much for the next twenty=three months.  Accept the fact we have a bunch of assholes in charge of the nut house and work and plan for 2014.  We have more than enough time to fine eight people who have the brains, the ethics, the foresight to govern this fair city.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Honorable Mayor Makes History

Several months ago, the Honorable Mayor unvailed, "The Wall of Mayors," in the city hall atrium.  It is pictures of all mayors (honorable and otherwise) going back to the beginning of our fair city.  As usual, it was a project that wasted money.  The picture of the Honorable Mayor is the only one in color so his picture stands out which is a good thing, because the Honorable Mayor is the only one who ever had his house raided by the FBI!  And this is just one issue.  Oh, yeah, our Honorable Mayor is making history.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life is Irony

I am not a fan of football, or any sport, but I have been following the Penn State flap very closely from Day One because it is so ironic.  Joe Paterno obviously loved football and Penn State and the trophies piling up and the perks, etc., etc.  So much so that he wanted to protect everyone and everything.  BUT if he had moved quickly and openly when the Sandusky problem reared its ugly head, Joe would have been praised for his quick action, his ethics, his concern for kids, the game and on and on.  And the whole flap would have been forgotten in a year, two at the most.  Then Joe would have retired with a huge pension (you think NJ public employees have big, fat pensions?) of a few million dollars, lots of perks, his record in tact, his reputation unsullied.  But he didn't.  By trying to hide it, it all bite him on the ass.  The victims may sue the Paterno family who, even if they win the lawsuits, will have big legal bills.  One can only hope other college coaches have been following this tale of woe. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Heart of a Conservative

Greetings, Blogolanders.  From time to time, I read the blog posted by the Artful Codger.  Not that I often agree with her, I don't.  The latest entry concerned her broken Rollator and her problems getting a new one, a new one paid for by the government.  As a conservative, this attitude offends me especially since the latest catalogue from, "Dr. Leonard's," offers a Rollator for $139.99.  Why doesn't she save herself all the time and agony she's had and just order one?  By the way, it has a seat which supports up to 250# and comes with a basket.  This concept of, "I'm elderly so I'm entitled," annoys the crap out of me.  And is one reason we have the financial problems we do have. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Well, Blogolanders, Trenton really, really made the big time.  A front page article in today's NY Times.  It wasn't the best front page location - lower left, but it was front page.  The last two weeks, we've gotten much coverage in the NY Times; there was nothing in the Thursday edition I suspect because Stockton, California declared bankruptcy.  That took up a lot space.  This morning, I am rather discouraged about the future of Trenton.  No one knows how long the Honorable Mayor will be on vacation; in the real world when you go on vaction you say you'll be gone for two weeks, ten days, a month.  The Honorable Mayor is just, "on vaction."  For how long?  The next two years?   And so far council has whimped out.  The matter of Cordelia Staton is a case in point.  As for the Honorable Mayor, I strongly urge him to go on Dr. Phil and work through his insecurities. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Good morning, Blogolanders.  The one morning I sleep late; my phone started ringing about 8AM.  I have read the Honorable Mayor's press release.  It is just so much, "duty."  Do not expect anything further from the Honorable Mayor - not because he wants to hide anything (he probably does) but because his lawyer most likely said, "Keep your freakin mouth shut."  If he is smart, he will take his lawyer's advice.  But then, the Honorable Mayor is not smart.  In closing for this posting, when the FBI kicks in your door at 2AM, is not because they are conducting a training exercise. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

L.A. Parker - Good Points

Yesterday, L.A. made some excellent points in his column.  He wrote about the various teen organizations that raise funds by, "tagging."  Minister Ingraham supports these efforts; L.A. does not, and neither do I.  My prime objection is the danger involved.  Then there is the question (s).  Who is this group?  Who is organizing it?  How is the money collected used?  A few months ago, one of these groups approached a local civic organization asking for a donation of, I believe, $500.00.  The members were willing to donate but got nervous after the representative could not answer basic questions like, (1)  What is your annual budget?  (2)  How many kids are involved?  (3)  Are you an all volunteer or do you have paid staff?  The organization made a small gift, and the representative promised to gather the requested info and come back.  It never happened.  So, if this group (these groups) really want to raise money, have a real fundraiser - put on a show somewhere - sell tickets to the show.  Make yourselves available as entertainment for retirement parties, birthday parties, annual meetings, etc.  One of the reasons we are in the mess we are in is because of this, "gimme," mentality.  The theory that one deserves something (everything) simply because one exists.  No so.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Watch Me Watch You

On Sunday, July 1, The Trenton Times ran an article about one Syed Farhaj Hassan.  He is an American citizen, a veteran, and Shi'a Muslim.  He is also the first-named plaintiff in a lawsuit claiming the NYPD violated his rights by spying on him and fellow Muslims after the 9/11 Attacks.  Before I continue, I admit I would not be happy if the NYPD spied on me and my fellow Episcopalians as we entered the church for Divine Service.  BUT...the most controverial issue in which the Anglican Communion is engaged in involves same sex marriage. 

Let's do a, "For instance."  The nerve center of the current terrorist movement is not the Middle East, but Sweden.  And the Swedish terrorists are egged on by the clergy of the Church of Sweden which is Lutheran.  If we are all honest, we will admit that anyone with blond hair and blue eyes would be viewed with suspicion.  And the NYPD would probably stake out Lutheran churches.  And I doubt they would bother to note the differences between the Lutheran Church of Sweden and say, the Lutheran Church of Iceland. 

And one reason that 9/11 was so successful is because no one was watching.  Several of the hijackers were here on expired student visas.  No one gave a damn.  Then they were taking flying lessons, but weren't interested in taking off or landing.  If anyone found this odd, it was shrugged off.  The current philosophy is, "Never Again.!" 

So to Mr. Hassan I say, "Suck it up."  If you are so bloody patriotic, go to your mosque and speak out against terrorism.  Speak out against jihad.  Scream like hell every time a terrorist bomb goes off somewhere in the world.  Withdraw your lawsuit; admit, "you brought it all upon yourselves."