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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where My Interests Lie

Good afternoon, Blogolanders. I've been asked why I haven't posted anything about Lauren Ira (I have in the past, but I can't remember the exact date). Except for the fact that, I (and you, too), as a taxpayer, contribute to her inflated salary when she cannot write a simple declarative sentence without making a grammatical error, I have no interest in Mrs. Ira. She is simply a leech at the public watering hole. Off to have lunch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

Good morning, Blogolanders! As you know, our Honorable Mayor held another town hall meeting this past Monday at the Passage Theatre. A fairly good crowd turned up; there were several supporters of our Honorable Mayor. I'm assuming after the meeting at the Mill House where he was not that well received, he decided to bring along his buddies. We heard the canned speech about how awful things were when he took office (like he didn't know?); how wonderful things are now; how wonderful things will be in the future. Wonderful, wonderful Wonderland!! There were a few sharp comments exchanged; Chilson, for one, asked why the Honorable Mayor could not answer his own questions; no answer forthcoming, but I'd like to know myself. Does the Honorable Mayor know what's going on in city hall? I'm beginning to doubt he does. He danced around questions about the Fourth of July weekend incident when two city employees (hired by the Honorable Mayor) and his brother harrassed people collecting recall signature. H.M. insisted the employees were off duty (no excuse for his brother). If I were the Honorable Mayor, I would have ripped them all a new one. If you think I'm joking, ask The Kid how I've reacted in the past. The Honorable Mayor announced he was going to bring back city recycling; by doing so, the city would save about a million dollars each year. Sounds good, BUT he didn't say what a city recycling plan would COST us. People will have to be hired. At what rate of pay? What will their benefits cost? How many people will be needed? What will the equipment cost? How often will pick ups be made? I want to see these figures before I dance in the streets over a million dollar saving. The Honorable Mayor was questioned about his Plan or lack there of. H.M. claims he has a plan. I, for one, don't think he does. The Honorable Mayor has a string of vague ideas. The Kid suggested Trentonians concerned about the lack of a plan, write their own. Finis for now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Council President

Last evening, Kathy McBride demonstrated where her interests lie; she has no interest in Trenton but a great of interest in her ego. There was a question about allowing people who arrived late to speak. Ms. McBride was opposed; she announced that allowing the public to speak was, get this, a kind gesture from council! In the twenty years I've attended council meetings, the public was always given time to speak as a right! Here goes, Ms. McBride. You, and the other six members of council work for us, the taxpaying Trentonians. Get it, Honey? You sit on that bench as a kind gesture from us, the voters. Get it, Honey? And turn off that damn cell phone during meetings; using a cell phone during a meeting is RUDE! Get it, Honey?

I'm Back!

Good morning, Blogolanders. It's been about a week, but I've doing, "great," things like cleaning my house. There is just too much STUFF! Yet I can't bring myself to rent a dumpster and just pitch it all away - my problem. Tuesday Nite Live - I stayed almost till the bitter end. There was no freakin executive session - thank God for small favors. Mrs. McBride outdid herself last evening (for a complete rundown, check the Chilson blog). But first, yes, Mrs. McBride had a sitdown with Monroe Laramore; I assumed she was asking him, "to play nice." Apparently not, because when he spoke, it was about how this country is going to hell in a handbasket because we have turned away from Biblical principles. He did not say when he wishes to bring back stoning; maybe he'll tell us tomorrow. As to Minister Lee Ingram - he is a man who is too eccentric for his own good; his logic is often difficult to follow. Last evening, he was talking about what seemed to be a custody battle - something over which council has NO authority. He usually rants about the three minute limit (legally, one has ten minutes) claiming he is deprived of his right of free speech, which is my humble opinion is bulls&&t. We are not guaranteed a set amount of time, and Blogolanders, consider this picture. There is something really sexy on the docket which brings folks out of the woodwork. Let's say fifty Trentonians show up and each is allowed ten minutes - that's over eight hours of talk. There is nothing wrong with limiting EACH speaker to three minutes - if we can't say it in three minutes, we probably should not be saying it. Now, as to Mrs. McBride's behavior, let me get back to you on that. Blogolanders, if you thought I could be arrongant, snide, and rude, you ain't seen nothing yet. But, as I said, I'll back to you. Later, guys.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Men Behaving Badly

Since the MCCC employee, Justin, does not work for WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY, he had no business commenting on Ms. Covington's outfit. He does owe her an apology; his supervisor should also tell him to keep his opinions to himself. As to Tuesday Nite Live, I left before Monroe Laramore got up to speak, but I've heard about it! He had no right to make that comment, and he had no right to tell Dr. Rubino to, "Shut up." It is too bad that Ms McBride did not tell Mr. Laramore he was out of line; I have watched twenty-five years worth of councils, and this is turning out to be the worst yet!! Before the meeting started on Tuesday, one of our local activists buttonholded a member of council and spewed forth his opinions usually with an, "eff," this and, "eff," that. Hardly the way to speak in the council chamber. Blogolanders, we are not lacking in respect, we are, however, lacking in basic courtesy. I decided to skip this evening's council session as I do not want to see either Monroe Laramore or our local activist.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Open Letter to City Council

Dear Council Members: Some information that you may have overlooked. First, you hold your position at the pleasure of the voting public so at the next election, you could be booted out. There are no unemployment benefits for folks who lose their elected position. You work for, are employed by, the tax payers of our fair city. So maybe you can start displaying the respect and courtesty due your employer. That means hold your executive sessions before or after the regular council meetings or even better, hold your executive sessions on a different day. Last evening, there was a very good crowd in the council chamber (the day before, Councilwoman Holly-Ward urged people to attend council meetings). What's the first thing you do yesterday - go into executive session leaving folks sitting, sitting, sitting. Many got disgusted and left which I suspect is what you had in mind. I noticed the number of times a fearsome park ranger stuck his head outside the council conference room, looked around, and ducked back in. He looked like he was doing a quick head count. In closing, will you please use the g.d. microphones!!