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Friday, October 19, 2012

Think of His Family

While I tend to support the idea of cutting the Honorable Mayor's salary, I realize there are some strong arguments against such a move.  Some are valid.  One such is that future councils may decide to cut the salary as a way of controlling the mayor.  Another that such a move would cost the city more in legal fees because the Honorable Mayor would sue.  Maybe.  But the city council has the legal right to set the mayor's salary AND the Honorable Mayor did state publically that he loved his position so much that he would hold it for free.  I say take him at his word - maybe for once he is telling the truth.  One argument that holds no water is that the Honorable Mayor has a wife and four children to support.  Who cares?  Blogolanders, do you really believe that the FBI discussed the fact that arresting the Honorable Mayor would embarrass his wife and children?  Nah....   Maybe a cut in salary will demonstrate to the Mack family that when you play in poop, you pay.  If his salary is cut, perhaps it will get Tony Mack's attention.  Maybe he will realize he screwed up.  I doubt it, but it is worth a try. 


Anonymous said...

There will be lots of anguished cries about the dishonorable mayor's wife & kids suffering. I say blame him!

Anonymous said...

There are many who have lost jobs over the past 4-5 years. People who worked hard and earned their pay. I have sympathy for them, their spouses and their children.

I have no such sympathy for the dishonorable Tony Mack.