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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Read 'em & Weep

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Several members of the current council have told me after I've cricitized them that being on council is hard work.  There is an unbelievable amount of reading that must be done before each council meeting.  Yes, there does seem to be a lot of reading, but I decided to take a very close look at the docket from September 18 and break it down.  First, there were thirty-two resolutions on the docket which seems like a lot until they are separated into categories.  First, one resolution was withdrawn.  Scratch that.  Five involved worker's comp cases; there isn't much council can do about those so skim the resolution and make notes about why John Butterfingers got the award, etc.  Put those to one side.  Eight were liquor license renewals.  Again, skim.  Does this involve a problem bar; any restrictions, etc.  Make a few notes and put that pile to one side.  Six resolutions called for the rejection of bids.  Again, skim to find out why the bid was rejected and make a few notes.  Four involved grant money - now here more careful reading is required.  How much money is involved and what are the requirements? Maybe the grant is not really a good fit for Trenton.  Maybe it is a great opportunity.  Make a few notes.  That leaves EIGHT that call for the spending of money - OK.  These eight require very careful reading.  Is this for work already done or work in the hopper?  Does Trenton really need this work?  If all of this takes more than four hours, I would be very surprised.  But perhaps I'm missing something.  What does require time, lots of time, is the budget.  Especially if you go line by line which this council seems to be doing to their credit.  But the budget will be passed (without a tax increase, one hopes) which will free up time to prepare for council meetings.    Blogolanders, being in elective office leaves you open to a lot of crap; voters are rarely happy.  But that comes with the territory.  How to handle this?  Well, FDR and JFK laughed; Eisenhower just ignored it; LBJ took criticism to heart and it destroyed him.  Later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Credit Where Due

Last evening  I was told, "nothing would make you happy;" actually I would be very happy if council did their job.  I don't really want to hear about the work that is done in the community; if you do it, wonderful; it still is not the function of a councilperson to solve every constituent's problems.  Criticism does not go over well at all; yet there is one member of council with whom I've dealt who has always been reasonable when I criticize.  The Honorable Zachary Chester.  Mr. Chester and I do not agree politically and never have and probably never well.  Yet he has always been calm, listened, answered questions, explained what is going on, and if it still left me cold, he just changed the subject and moved on.  If we were all as cool, calm, and collected as Mr. Chester (and that includes moi), this city would be a happier place. 

The Children's Hour

Good morning, Blogolanders.  This will probably be the first of a few posts today; I have to give myself time to calm down.  Last evening, I saw one of the most disgusting acts of, "public service," that I've seen since the Army/McCarthy Hearings.  City Council does not really have the office of, "vice president of council."  The previous council started the title as a sop to a council member who really hoped to be president; it didn't happen.  Paul Michael Pintella was re-elected for the normal four year term.  Even this rotation, however well-intended, is not a legal requirement.  The current council present is Ms. Holly-Ward.  She had a personal matter and said she was leaving early.  OK.  By the way, George Muschal had an excused absence.  Ms. Holly-Ward turned the gavel over to Zachary Chester and prepared to leave.  At that point, Councilpersons Reynolds-Jackson and McBride got up and left in a huff!!  Why?  Because Ms. Reynolds-Jackson wants to be vice-president, and Ms. Holly-Ward did not give her the gavel.  Who knows why Ms. McBride stomped out.  They didn't get their way, so they left!!  Blogolanders, there are VERY few members of this council who give a damn about Trenton; it is all about them.  I don't know about you, but I, as a taxpayer, resent paying some twenty grand a year to feed an ego.  Later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maybe Yes; Maybe No

While I tend to agree with L.A. Parker, his column today leaves me cold.  Right now, I have neither the time nor the patience to argue to benefits of using Co-operating Witnesses or Confidential Informants.  Much about these practices leaves a bad taste; yet they are valuable tools in catching the, "bad guys."  When this scheme was presented to Mack & Comp, if they were honest, upright, etc., etc., they would have said, "Thanks for coming by."  In other words, sting or not, Tony and his friends could have left the table at any time.  They did not. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sweet News!

There is a young lady at Trenton Social (her name is Robin) who makes a super cheesecake!  Almost, almost as good as Michelle Laurie's.  Her graham cracker crust is even better than my mother's!  And that's saying a lot.  If you're at the Social and cheesecake is on the menu, order a slice - maybe two.  It's not dry and not too moist, but it melts in your mouth.  Blogolanders, enjoy this lovely weather and always remember, "And this too shall pass away."

Advice to the Honorable Mayor

Good morning, Mayor.  Here's some advice for you (which you will ignore), KEEP YOUR FREAKIN' MOUTH SHUT!!!  Do not talk to reporters, or anybody for that matter, unless you are in the presence of your attorney.  I'd let say let your attorney do ALL the talking; that's why we hire lawyers; that's why lawyers are called, "Mouth Piece," by criminals.  Try not to screw up any further. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trenton Makes the Big Time!

Good evening, Blogolanders.  I'll keep this short and sweet.  The arrest of the Honorable Mayor made the news overseas!  The BBC reported on it.  Of course it makes a nice follow-up to the Toilet Paper Crisis.  Stayed tuned for further developments.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Off to Carolina

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Wonderful news!  Our Honorable Mayor seems to be in Charlotte, North Carolina.  One can only hope he got caught in the downpour.  Especially if you consider rain to be angelic piss.  There are some questions about this junket.  First of all, who the hell paid for it?  We, the overburdened taxespayers?  Hope not.  The Honorable Mayor himself?  Since he can't afford a trip to Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where did the money come from?  And why was the Honorable Mayor even there?  Personally, I don't know why EITHER party wasted time, money, and enery on a freakin' convention.  But we have a city falling apart - and fast - so the Honorable Mayor should have stayed at the helm trying to right the municipal ship.  In closing, Blogolanders, PLEASE remember that we face a possible tax increase - soon.  One function of city council is to keep a watch on the muncipal purse.  Council returns from their summer hiatus on September 18.  How many of you will be there to scream like hell about the financial waste in this city?  And that is the only way to get their attention - show up in large numbers.  It won't be long before the muncipal campaign season heats up, and believe me when I tell you, no member of council plans to finish their term in office and go off to the Amazon basin to convert the natives.  Before you give your vote - think long and hard.