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Friday, September 7, 2012

Off to Carolina

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Wonderful news!  Our Honorable Mayor seems to be in Charlotte, North Carolina.  One can only hope he got caught in the downpour.  Especially if you consider rain to be angelic piss.  There are some questions about this junket.  First of all, who the hell paid for it?  We, the overburdened taxespayers?  Hope not.  The Honorable Mayor himself?  Since he can't afford a trip to Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where did the money come from?  And why was the Honorable Mayor even there?  Personally, I don't know why EITHER party wasted time, money, and enery on a freakin' convention.  But we have a city falling apart - and fast - so the Honorable Mayor should have stayed at the helm trying to right the municipal ship.  In closing, Blogolanders, PLEASE remember that we face a possible tax increase - soon.  One function of city council is to keep a watch on the muncipal purse.  Council returns from their summer hiatus on September 18.  How many of you will be there to scream like hell about the financial waste in this city?  And that is the only way to get their attention - show up in large numbers.  It won't be long before the muncipal campaign season heats up, and believe me when I tell you, no member of council plans to finish their term in office and go off to the Amazon basin to convert the natives.  Before you give your vote - think long and hard. 

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