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Friday, October 5, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

Good morning, Blogolanders.  I was at council last evening, and it was a good thing that Councilman Muschal was able to make it.  Ms. McBride and Ms. Reynolds-Jackson were not there.  Mr. Bethea strolled in fifteen minutes late.  Fortunately, there was a quorum.  The word is that McBride and Reynolds-Jackson were hoping George couldn't make it; they were hoping Bethea didn't show.  The plan is to shut down the council.  Blogolanders, during the next muncipal election, please remember this childish behavior before you cast your ballot.  Council is to start at 5:30PM; only three members of council are there on time - Ms. Caldwell-Wilson, Mr. Muschal, and Mr. Chester.  The other four consistently stroll in when they feel like it. 

As to the tax increase - as Mr. Chester explained - it is a PROPOSED increase.  Nothing has been agreed.  Just like Mr. Chester said several items would be looked at.  Yes, he said he would look at the senior centers - he did not say any center would be closed.  Mr. Chester simply expressed his thoughts on the budget!! 

Now, Blogolanders, senior centers, learning centers, parades, festivals, bi-weekly garbage pick-up all cost money!  If you want these things, be prepared to pay for them.  So, think - what do you really, really want to pay for.  What do you really, really need. 

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Anonymous said...

Any and everyone who would like the Dishonorable Tony Mack to resign should place a computer made 'bumper sticker' in the back of their car window that reads: Resign Tony Resign.