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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Old Hen Looks @ a Duck

After watching the Daryl Brooks videos and trying not to laugh, I say this, "Daryl, forget the expression, "you know." No, I don't know; that's why I watched the videos. Next, this is not entirely a Palmer Redux movement - I support this recall effort, and I didn't support Doug the last two times he ran. In fact, because I didn't support the police director scheme, Doug didn't talk to me for nearly six years. Most of the folks I've spoken to who support the recall (1) never worked for the city and (2) supported Tony Mack last year. And to fill in your education, Daryl, the mayor, any mayor, has nothing to do with the clerk's office. Council, that's council, Daryl, hires and fires the clerk. If Tony hadn't lurched from mistake to another, there would be no recall. As for a learning process, to that I say, "My ass." During the campaign last year, Tony swore he was ready to hit the ground running. He had all the answers. The truly sad thing is that Tony has been offered really good advice, really good help AND he refused!! He gives lip service but nothing else. So instead of blaming Doug Palmer, Tony should be taking the attitude, "I brought it all upon myself." In closing, has the Honorable Mayor Mack asked Eric Berry to turn in the key to the city-owned car he, Berry, drives? If not, that has nothing to do with Dougie, it has to do with Tony.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pat... according to Daryl you (and all of the other recall folks) just like to drink, party, and play some basketball. I think that he really has you pegged on this one!