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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday Nite Live

At least the Three Graces were using their mikes so the voters could hear them.  Councilwoman McBride was unusually rude not only to her colleagues but also to the public aka the voters.  The lady does not like to be challenged.  Sorry, Madam President, but you don't know everything.  Some members of the public can actually research the law and speak on it.  Your colleagues have the right to consult a lawyer whenever.  Ms. McBride was very annoyed that Ms. Caldwell-Wilson spoke to an attorney before submitting an ordinance for council approval.  From where I stand, Ms. McBride is not qualified to run a dog pound.  As for the exchange between Councilman Muschal and Police Director Rivera, that was something should have taken place in private.  They speak the same language (cop).  Frankly neither came out that exchange looking good.  As to the cry that we need more police on the streets - who knows.  I do know that when people want to, really want to, they can do more with less.  As I have pointed out before, back in 2005 when we had a full complement of police, we also had THIRTY-FIVE murders that year!  How many have been solved?  And history is littered with examples of battles that were won against overwhelming odds.  The incident in the West Ward - shooting at a police car - is disturbing, is scarey - but even with another 105 police on the force, it could have happened.  The shooter could have escaped - all he (or she) had to do was hop in a car and drive away - far away.  Blogolanders, the issue here in Trenton is not more cops, more money for education, more money for god only knows what, the answer a better attitude among ourselves.  And food cards for guns in not the answer either.  I'd love to know what kind of weapons were turned - what condition they were in.  During the show last evening, Councilman Chester did come out looking good; he stated that it is not his job to solve crimes.  And he's right.

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