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Monday, February 6, 2012

Accession Day/God Save the Queen

This is useless information from an anglophile. It's sixty years tonight that God has saved the queen. Elizabeth II has reigned for sixty years; this summer there will be celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee. She's only the second monarch to have reached this benchmark. Queen Victoria was the first in 1897; George III missed it by about nine months. As you know, Blogolanders, I am a royalist, but I also admit this is a form of government that outlived its usefulness. I would not be surprised, if the monarchy were quietly abolished when the present queen dies, although that could be years in the future. Her mother lived to be 101. The Australians are getting ansty; I believe Elizabeth II was told when she dies, Australia will become a republic. The Jamacians announced they would become a republic very soon. Possibly the entire commonwealth may just disappear; it, too, has outlived its usefulness. Sorry if I've bored you.

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