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Friday, February 17, 2012

Very Strange Bedfellows

Most Blogolanders have heard the expression, "Politics makes for stange bedfellows." Yesterday evening I found myself with a very strange bedfellow. The Hon. Verlina Reynolds-Jackson!! She and I both agree that Trenton should allow McDonald's to build a place on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street so the owners can pay some $40,000 per annum in taxes. If the McDonald's plan was shot down, some religious group was next in line to bid on the property, and we all know how much in taxes religions pay - ZIPPO!! I doubt Ms. Reynolds-Jackson and I are thrilled with each other as bedfellows, but it does prove even those who are far, far apart philosophically can find common ground. Maybe there is hope after all for our council - seven people with eight adgendas.

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