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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hail and Farewell - Part Two

It seems the director of health and human services, Joseph Rubino, M.D., will be leaving his city job soon. Dr. Rubino is that odd creature in the Mack Administration - he cleared city council and was really appointed. None of this acting stuff. In the 18 months that Dr. Rubino served Trenton, he and I spoke perhaps four times. He was not happy when I said I thought Trenton could do away with health and human services. I'd like to see the county handle such a thing. He also took umbrage when I said there were certain diseases could be stopped if people did not engage in risky behavior. So, Blogolanders, as you've probably guessed he and I were not best buds. Yet, he's a nice guy, pleasant, amusing, bright, etc. So I wish him well.

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