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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Think, Tony, Think

Well the mayor of Hamilton has been convicted (and rather quickly, too) and has resigned.  If I were the Honorable Mayor, I'd been scared out my wits.  John Bencivengo was found guilty of taking some $12,500.  Our Honorable Mayor is suspected of taking over $100,000.  If I were the Honorable Mayor, I'd be sitting down with my lawyer; I'd tell him to get me the best deal possible.  Of course the Honorable Mayor will most likely not do that. 

Blogolanders, in about year, people will be popping up to announce they are running for mayor (and for council).  A few have already expressed interest.  When they hold their debates/meet & greets, forget where they were born and raised or went to high school.  Ask them what plans they have for city and how they mean to accomplish these plans.  Demand specific answers.  Then vote for the ones who can answer.  Then we might just have a city government that functions and moves us forward.  But all of that is up to you.

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