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Sunday, June 17, 2012

School Daze

Francisco Duran, who is about to be our new school superintendent, recently met with the public and announced he felt Trenton was ready for a change (or so the papers reported).  When I read it, my reaction was, "You state the obvious."  What has to change, though, is the attitude to education.  It is not held in high regard by both parents and kids here in Trenton.  Kids have to want to learn and their parents have to want them to learn.  Parents, I believe, have to tell their daughters that getting pregnant at 15 is not a good thing.Sometimes I think reopening the Florence Crittenden Homes would be a good thing.  And to tell their sons that hanging around the bassetball court will not do their grades any good.  But the big thing is to change the attitude to education; to hold it in VERY high regard.  It doesn't take money, or the latest equipment, or an award winning teacher - it takes only the desire to learn. 

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