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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday Nite Live

Good morning residents of Blogoland! I meant to post yesterday, but gmail was down. Don't you just love technology? Like Robert Chilson, I was at the Tuesday council meeting. Good news. There were a few new faces. Please, let's have more and more. Like Robert, I strongly suggest that Ms. McBride (as well as Ms. Holly-Ward and Ms. Reynolds-Jackson) use the bloody microphone! The part of the meeting that stands out is when Janet Schoenhaar stood up to explain why the administration wanted persmission to move 6 million dollars from one account to another. OK, I guess, but the trouble started when Mr. Chester asked a perfectly good question. "If we take 6 million from Account X how much will be left in that account?" Ms. Schoenhaar hemmed and hawed but couldn't give an exact figure. One assumes that she has a background in accounting and can do simple arithmatic so she should have been able to answer the question. I'd like to know why she couldn't. Is it perhaps because no one in the administration knows exactly how much money the city has on hand or are the municipal accounts overdrawn? Having long suspected something was rotten in the state of Denmark, I've filed an OPRA request to see ALL the city's bank statements. I received a call asking that I be more precise. OK. If there are fifteen bank accounts, I want to see fifteen bank statements. If and when I have this info, I will let you know. After all, by paying taxes, we feed these accounts, so let's find out what's happening with OUR money. Dan Dodson' group, Fix Trenton's Budget will hold four meetings, one in each ward, to discuss the budget. The South Ward meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9 at Mill House Rehabilitation Center, 325 Jersey Street starting at 6:30PM. PLEASE, all residents of the South Ward, be there. There is plenty of parking, the venue is VERY safe, and Mill House is always a gracious host. If things are to change, we must change the way we do business. The days of sitting around to bitch and moan are over. We must get involved; we must speak out. These are the times that try our souls.

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