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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wants vs. Needs

We all NEED certain things to survive - air, food, water. We NEED those three to survive (we do not need sex to survive although you'd never know it to hear some folks talk). After that everything else we have is a WANT. As I sit at this computer typing away, I realize this machine is a WANT. Right now, Trenton faces a conflict between the NEEDS and the WANTS. How to sort this out? That's what Dan Dodson and his Fix Trenton's Budget group is trying to do. Dan wants residents to decide what they feel they NEED - fire protection for example. How much are we willing to pay for this protection? Another example - public pools. Is this a NEED or a WANT? Whichever, what are we willing to pay? It is time to separate the NEEDS from the WANTS; it is time to pare down the WANTS. It is also time to realize our NEEDS (as well as our WANTS) cost money! How much are we willing to pay? That's why Dan and his group are holding meetings in all four wards. The South Ward takes place on Wednesday, March 9 starting at 6:30PM at the Mill House Rehab Center, 325 Jersey Street. Excellent, safe parking. Trentonians, we are not going to get everything we want unless we are willing to pay for it! So please, please attend. This is a great opportunity to hear how the budget process works (or should work) and to express your views. See ya!

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