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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching Up

Good morning, Trentonians. There are several topics I want to cover but will do so in separate entries. The first one - city council on Thursday evening. The Three Graces were not using their microphones, but the meeting itself was short and sweet and to the point. One speaker stands out. Donald Brokate (a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment) spoke about the bed bug problem here in Trenton and called it a public health issue. I agree. The department of health and human services should be on top of this issue; I don't have the feeling this is the case. I'm told a very thin coating of borac acid helps greatly. On Sunday, my son and I decided to have lunch at Las Frontes Cantina again. Great food, folks. Try this place. It's on the corner of Beatty Street and South Clinton Avenue. As we pulled in on the Beatty Street side, I noticed a poster on a telephone pole. This is a no-no. It is bad enough when we have the lost animal posters. These poles are private property. What poster was on this pole? It was urging people to phone HNPS. One of the principals of this firm is a member of city council!

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