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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Clean Dream

Many in Trenton do not agree with L.A. Parker; for the most part, I do. I certainly agree with his column today. Yesterday, I was outside picking up trash left by the local pigs. This is something several neighbors and I do frequently! Asking Mayor Nutter to visit Trenton and talk about the Unlitter Us Program - no, no, no. How difficult is to grasp these concepts - (1) If you do not toss trash, cigarette butts, etc., into the street, you will not have clean it up and (2) If you must do so, why can't you clean up after yourself a few times a week? My piggy neighbors spent a great of time, especially in nice wheather, standing around smoking, munching on Doritos and potato chips and just dropping this crap where they stand. They also toss their damn soda cans all over the place. That problem sort of solves itself as there a colorful local type who picks them up. Councilwoman Holly-Ward means well; she does advocate for a clean city, but what she should be doing is telling the residents, "Get off your fat backsides and push a broom for a few minutes." Or words to that effect.

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Anonymous said...

Ms Stewart, you are right on as usual. The only thing missing from your list of "crap" is literally the crap that these pigs let their dogs and cats deposit any and everywhere. To me, the filth of this city (they live in EVERY neighborhood) is a key reason this city stays in the gutter. I've actually been verbally acosted because I cannot tolerate animal waste, fast food bags, cigarette butts, and sundry snack bags and soda cans on or around my home. Don't ever give up! I refuse to as well! Clean up you act Trentonians...my pets are more fastidious!! Thank you.