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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching Flies

Bob Chilson's most recent post mentioned that one can catch more flies with honey; that is true, but I could never figure why anyone would want to catch flies which are filthy, diease-ridden insects. I want to swat the little buggers and get great satisfaction from swinging the swatter. I'm pretty good at it, too. During the last fifteen years or so that I have been a regular at council, I've noticed that those who speak softly get little attention even if they carry a big stick. I have seen the eyes of council members glaze over; I have seen council members doze off; I have seen council members chat with each other; I have seen council members play with their cell phones. To get their attention, one, usually, must rant and rave. Unfortunately, most council members, once sworn in, forget who they work for. We, the voters, do not work for them - they work for us. Have a nice day. Hope to see you all at council.

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