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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chief of Staff

Both Trenton papers report that DCA ordered Mayor Mack to hire a chief of staff. The mayor needs, he has needed since July 1, 2010, a good office manager/personal assistant/secretary - whatever you want to call it. Lauren Ira is not that person; she should be terminated. I don't know if a former freeholder is the man for the job. What I do know (and I speak as someone who once managed an office), the Office of the Mayor is run like something out of a situation comedy. Sadly, ain't nobody laughing. Trenton cannot afford a chief of staff for $110,000 a year (any more than we can afford Mrs. Ira who is paid a nice salary to pass out badly written press releases). Does Trenton need a chief of staff? NO! We also do not need people who must feed their ego at public expense. The administration should be looking for ways to streamline the staff not increase it. Thank you for reading this as right now, I am major league pissed off.

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