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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It All Relatives

This morning, I really feel sorry for Tony Mack; he can't catch a break. His nephew, the son of his brother, the notorious, "Muscles Davis," was arrested for dealing heroin. This nephew (half-nephew, whatever) must be one stupid dude. Here's the deal. You sell drugs. You have an uncle, Honorable Mayor. Uncle Honorable has every several media outlets banging on him. A smart dude would think, "If I get busted, Uncle Honorable won't be able to help me. I won't even get a slap on the wrist. I may even get hard time so it doesn't look like judges were doing Uncle Honorable any favors. I have a choice. I can leave town to continue my illegal occupation in a venue where I am not known, or I can engage in legal activities until the heat is off Uncle Honorable. Maybe he can even get me some sort of work at city hall. I can be his assistant chief of staff." No, the nephew continues his illegal career (even after his father is busted) and gets caught. Nephew Stanley Jerome most likely will get more than a few years probation. Most of us have relatives we wish we didn't; Tony Mack is no different. If Tony is smart, he will saw the Stanley Davis branch off the family tree. In closing, this is not something I'm going to blame on Tony. The budget, well that's a whole nother posting.

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