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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Motto of My Administration will be.....

LEAP BEFORE YOU LOOK! As I've posted in the past, I like Tony Mack as a person; I especially like the way he interacts with his children. But.....why does he constantly step in it? Tony has been mayor of Trenton for eight months and has learned nothing. The furlough flap is just another example. Again, as I've said, I think closing city hall one day a week is a great idea because I suspect we Trentonians will learn we've been paying for soemthing we do not need. Yet Tony did not check out his scheme before he announced it. So now he looks a tad silly since Judge Feinberg told him he can't close the courts without her approval. Further, he cannot furlough part of a department (public works, for example) without including everyone (in this case the employees at TWW). Another example, is his plan to hold a, "town meeting," at the Parker School to discuss plans for the Cooper pool on Thursday, March 3 at 6PM. The very day council meets. Shouldn't he be at council? Didn't he check his calendar before setting this up? Most Trentonians wanted Tony do really well; several Trentonians offered help; Tony rejected their help. I plan to be at city council not this council takes advice from the public (I'm not talking about individual members of council but the body as a whole.)

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