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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Power and the Glory

This is just an intro; several longish posts will follow, but I can't give you a precise timeline right now. My son and I have been discussing the current situation here in Trenton since about 8 o'clock this morning and not always in a pleasant way. But a few interesting (I believe) points did come out. Here's the first one. We, as Trentonians, keep expecting things to change, to improve, but they never do. Why? One reason is that we keep looking to folks who have an agenda that is not necessarily good for Trenton and/or the residents. We keep electing folks who seem to be interested in the power, the glory, and the money that the position brings. We listen to the campaign rhetoric and believe. When the dust settles, the residents are forgotten. And we moan and groan to each other hoping for better at the next election. We don't call them out NOW and ask, "Why hasn't this been done?" Or, "Why hasn't that been done?" Has anyone asked council why they haven't demanded that the administration present a budget - even a draft of a budget? Why hasn't council (all of them) said, "No more resolutions to spend money until we have a budget?" Does council really want to see a budget? Does council really want to flex their muscles? Or is council comfortable with the status quo? As I wrote, this is just an intro. More to follow.

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