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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Next?

While a county police force deserves looking into, I sincerely doubt any suburban police force has approached Trenton. After all, why would a small town force want to be associated with a problem place like Trenton? A patrol in the back woods of Hopewell is much easier than a patrol in downtown Trenton. I'm sorry, Mayor, but I doubt you have received any such calls. For whatever it's worth, I rather like Tony Mack as a person; he has a nice personality and is very good with his children. But those traits, however admirable, do not make for a good administrator. It seems that Sam Hutchinson will not be joining the current administration so we are back to square one - no business administrator. This morning, Irving Stoolmacher suggested the mayor form a committee of citizens to advise him. Ain't gonna happen. Dan Dodson and Fix Trenton's Budget have tried - and tried since last fall - with no result. The mayor is not interested. And there are only three members of council who seem to listen to Trentonians (or at least they seem to listen to me). A recall does not seem to be the answer either; it requires much time, energy, and money. Here's the kicker. Tony could run again during a recall; I suspect he would win. He does have a great stage presence. My advice is for Trentonians to start attending council meetings in GREAT numbers. Standing room only! Let it be known, loud and clear, we are unhappy. It's a start. Have a nice day.

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