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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday Nite Live

Council did a few good things last night - first they decided not give the go-ahead to every administration request for funds. That may or may not get the attention of the administration. As for the Hon. Alex Bethea!! A man representing the people of Trenton he has no idea of how tax lien sales work!! He doesn't realize that by selling, the city actually comes out ahead because the tax money is paid by the party purchasing the lien. Yes, there are fees and interest (that's why some people buy these liens - to make money). Of course if one pays the taxes on time, there is no lien sale. I guess Mr. Bethea does not use a credit card; if he did, he would know that banks charge really high rates of interest and that banks get real snotty if you don't pay on time. Talk about penalties (last September I was a day late paying Bank of America and got hit with a $35 penalty), but that's what happens. As usual, there was moaning and groaning about the increase in property taxes. By the way, for the record, I, too, live a, "fixed income." I hate that phrase. My income, however, has changed - it went down. One last thought for now. Why is it that folks yell, scream, and carry on when property taxes go up but NEVER say a word when cable fees go up or PSE&G ups their rates (which they are doing again)? I do get annoyed when the FIOS bill goes up, but I also know I can pull the plug and still survive nicely. I'm not sure I could that if I lost my house because I did not pay my taxes. More later.

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