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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Funny Trenton

Having checked out Robert Chilison's blog, I had to wade in. There was much about the last council meeting that made one think of a new TV reality show - "Thursday Nite Live." At some later date, I will explain my feelings re power point presentations and anything that takes longer than ten minutes to explain. But the best part of the council meeting was the Trentonian who claims to be a separate nation within a nation and does not want his birth certificate available to anyone including him. This man has been before council in the past; each time he rambles on, I wonder if he truly appreciates what a birth certificate is. First, it is proof you were born; second, that you were born an American citizen; and third, it is proof positive who your parents (especially father) were. Then there was the lady who is a psychic - I lost the thread of her comments - but it put in mind of West State Street by the State House. Has anyone ever noticed that directly across the street is a Tarot card reader? Do you think our elected officials flit over there to ask Madam Zarkov for adivice? Just wondering.

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