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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There is an old saying, "The only certainties are death and taxes." Well, our taxes will go up again, but so long as we expect services from the city, we must pay for them. Our garbage is not collected by little elves but by men who expect a fair day's pay for their work. We, as Trentonians, must decide what we want, what we must have (a fire department for example), and what we are willing to pay for. If Trenton is ever to climb out this financial hole, we must face the fact that it will hurt and hurt bad. We are going to have to live on bread and water for a long time, and the bread will probably be stale and moldy. In closing, the sooner we start the austerity, the sooner we will be back on a sound financial footing.

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Caty said...

When the recession hit us, people started talking about Victory Gardens again. I was hoping the one thing we'd begin to do as a society is to learn to live more simply again. In some respects, people-families-have had to do that out of necessity. But one visit to the mall says that people are still spending, and living beyond their means.