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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Positive Trenton

For quite awhile we've been hearing about the change to Chambersburg; the Italians are gone along with most of the popular Italian restaurants. This is true, but I believe it is a positive thing. Why? Because the fact the Italian population is gone means that they no longer have to live in Chambersburg; they can afford houses in Hiltonia, Lawrence, Princeton, wherever. They've moved from immigrant to middle/upper middle class America. Hispanics have moved in - the new immigrants. I'm sure they will be also be gone in fifty years or so (maybe sooner). The super Italian restaurants are being replaced by super Hispanic restaurants. I've eaten in six so far and found the food to be great in all six. I did have a problem with one place; the wait staff did not speak English so I pointed to what I wanted. This is something else to like about Trenton - good Hispanic food.

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