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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ye Shall Know the Truth

Robert Chilson published a long entry about Ms. McBride; sadly, he's right. My problem with the current council is that during the campaign they all claimed to have, "the answers," and were ready to hit the ground running. Now they don't know what they're doing. What their purpose is. Well, here goes. Members of council are elected to vote on ordinances and resolutions and to watch over the municipal purse. And to have the courtesy to listen to speakers for three minutes. Anything else is up to them. So if George Muschal wants to help Trentonians with various problems, good for him. As to Reed Gusciora who has discovered the nexus between Princeton and Trenton - come on! The assemblyman wants to keep his job so he'll move into Trenton. I, for one, will not praise him for doing so; I would have given him credit if he moved into Trenton three years ago. My father loved to say, "You can tell when a politician lies because the mouth is moving." Again, sad, but true. In the current issue of The Downtowner, Carlos Avila claims to have made the run-off in his second campaign and to have lost by ten votes. Not so! George Muschal won the South Ward in 2010. And by more than fifty percent. There was no run-off in the South Ward. It's too bad that Ms. McBride resents the fact the DCA is eyeballing everything council and the administration does. Too bad; Trenton has been whining about the need for state funds. We got some money and the state wants to make sure the money is not going down a rat hole. In case you haven't noticed, folks, the state is also broke. There are worthy individuals on the current council, but as a whole - all seven of them - they are a sad, sad bunch.

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BStarkey said...

I couldn't agree more, Pat! My "esteemed" councilwoman (Ms. Jackson) and I have had several email exchanges, all ending in a lack of response from her or telling me I should be ashamed of myself for calling her a liar (which, by the way, was the truth, she could not handle.)
It has become obvious over the past several months that the council has become a circus of race related issues (buried in something political.) Insead of making the smart decisions, they are making the "lets give our friends jobs" decisons. I for one am sick of it disgusted that they are supposed to "represent" our best interests.
Great post!