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Friday, April 1, 2011

Doggy Droppings

Yesterday I posted regarding a cleaner Trenton. One reader pointed out the problem of people who do not curb their dogs. Fortunately, in this little corner of the South Ward, we don't have the problem; no one owns a dog and those few who have cats, keep them indoors. But we are required to curb our animals and pick up after them which is not that hard considering all the plastic bags we have. Dog poop is a health hazard. But again, folks, let's all pick up after ourselves. Then we will really have a clean city.

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Larry McLeod said...

Thank you for your post. I would like to bring up a couple who I see all of the time. This couple owns a little Jack Russel Terrier. I see them all over Trenton,( I notice them because they are using canes to walk and are a older couple), anyway, I see them walking and loving their animal and most importantly they always have a popper scooper or a bag with them. When the doggie poops, they even as they are clearly struggling, picks up after the puppy. I wish I knew their names so as to let them know that they are a great example of dog owners and should be celebrated. The man is rather tall and has dreadlocks and walks with a cane, and the woman is sort of short with short hair and walks with a limp. They walk along Brunswick Avenues and By the church on Greenwood Ave. By the CVS.