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Monday, April 4, 2011

The 15th

The 15th District will change. Reed Gusciora's bedroom (he claims to live in Trenton but sleep in Princeton - too cute!!) is now in the 16th District so he plans to roll the mattess down 206 and buy a house in Trenton. As a right leaning Republican (awful pun), I don't care about either Mrs. Watson-Coleman or Mr. Gusciora. The few times I called Mrs. Watson-Coleman's office for help, I was told, "We don't do that." I called Reed Gusciora's office just once - about three years ago. I'm still waiting for the call-back. Now, Senator Shirley Turner is a very different story. The many times I have approached her office for help, I have gotten it and FAST. Usually within two or three hours. And, no, she can't help me with everything. When she can't, Meredith Rivera calls to report, "Mrs. Stewart, this isn't a matter the Senator can help with. Have you tried.....?" When Senator Turner can help, she does!! In fact, her record re constituent services is so good, a Republican said to me last year, "No way will I run against Shirley Turner; I'll wait till she retires."

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Robert Elliott Chilson said...

Great post but I have had different experiences with Reed and welcome my new neighbor with open arms.