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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sue First; Think Later

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Over the weekend a woman named Christine Brown announced she was suing the City of Trenton - Police Department for death of her nephew, Eric McNeil.  The late Eric was shot by a Trenton police officer when he came charging at two officers with a gun blasting.  Eric hit both officers - one nearly died.  Interestingly, Eric was on parole for a felony conviction. 

When a prisoner is paroled that are certain rules that must be followed.  The most obvious is do not commit another crime.  Eric not only beat the crap out of his former girlfriend, but he also killed her puppy.  And those on parole are not to own weapons.  Somehow, Eric got a gun.  Wheather he bought it or borrowed it, not important.  He had it, and he used it.  He shot two police officers. 

Yes, the police officers would come first.  Too bad Eric was lying there as the medics handled a call for, "Officers down!"  If Eric had followed the rules of his parole, he'd probably still be alive.  By the way, if he had lived,  Eric would be off to prison for a VERY long time. 

To Christine Brown,  I can only say, "Lady, you've got gall!"  As a taxpayer here in Trenton, I can only hope the courts throw out her suit.  I would also suggest the lady consider some embarassment at the behavior of her nephew. 

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