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Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's All a Plot!!

Good morning, Blogolanders.  The last few days have been devoted to various news articles and television programs remembering the 50th anniversary of the shooting of John Kennedy.  Those of you who were alive then no doubt still remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on that Friday.  What still amazes me is the number of people who believe there was some conspiracy; that Oswald could not and did not act alone; that the U.S. government lied to us and still keeps information hidden. 

Perhaps the biggest argument against anyone but Oswald pulling the trigger is that the Kennedy family accepted the Warren report.  Think, Blogolanders, please.  Do any of you really believe Robert Kennedy would have rested if he thought there was more to his adored brother's murder than one lone nut case?  Hell, Bobby even said, "...my brother was killed by a white man."  He was speaking to an angry crowd after the murder of Martin Luther King. 

The great and powerful can be struck by the weak and unknown.  Both Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan were shot at by unknown, unbalanced people.  James Garfield (one of our more forgotten presidents) was killed by a fellow pissed that he didn't get a job. 

Which brings us to Jack Ruby.  Far too many believe he was sent to silence Oswald.  Let's take a look Ruby's activities that day.  Yes, he was off to the police station where he loved to hang out with the cops and schmooz.  He did, however, bring his pet poodle along.  Now if I were off to kill someone, I'd leave the pooch home.  On his way to the police station, Ruby stopped off at Western Union to send fifteen dollars to one his strippers.  There was no guarantee that this errand would be an, "in & out."  There could have been a line.  Then Ruby would have missed the transfer of Oswald.  And what about his drive to the station?  What if he had hit a traffic light or two?  That would have delayed him.  And I understand that the Oswald transfer was delayed a few minutes because Oswald asked for a sweather.  All of this leads me to believe Ruby would not have had a chance - fate just fell into his lap. 

But conspracies are really more fun; they also make more money.  My favorite current conspiracy is that Princess Di was killed on orders from Buckingham Palace.  She died because the car in which she rode was driven by a drunk who was speeding - AND only one passenger was wearing a seat belt.  He was the only one to survive. 

Yes, much of the shooting of John Kennedy was handled in sloppy manner.  Very few are aware that Kennedy was wearing his back brace which would have forced a back head wound to make his body jerk back, not forward.  Finis

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