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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Good morning, Blogolanders.  As usual, my ignorance of technology brought me to a posting.  I tried to add a comment to L.A. Parker's column in today's Trentonian, and I couldn't make the freakin thing work.  Most of you know by now that L.A. wrote about an illegal immigrant, Martita; his point is that until ALL are free, no one is free.  An interesting theory which has holes in it. 

First, the most obvious.  Murderers who are imprisoned for life without parole are not free.  Does that in anyway reflect on our freedom?  I think not.  We are no less free, in fact we are probably more free since we can wander around with less fear for our lives. 

Now as for Martita who entered this country seventeen years ago without proper documentation,  the fact she lives in the, "shadows," has nothing to do with our freedom.  She knowingly entered this country without the proper documents, she knowingly violated a FEDERAL law showing little, if any, regard for the laws of this land, and continues to violate various rules and regulations. 

Apparently, in seventeen years, this woman has not consulted an attorney specializing in immigration law.  Do I feel less free because of her problems?  Hell, no!!  In fact, she scares me.  She admits she is driving without a license.  As someone wrote, she probably has no auto insurance so if she is in an accident....   Think about that.  Scarey. 

And before anyone gets upset, I favor immigration reform.  I also wish to hell that those looking for reform would get it through their thick heads that this problem must be solved in WASHINGTON!!  The Trenton city council and the state legislature can do nothing about this issue. 

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