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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Humanity in City Hall

This is a long overdue thank you. A week ago yesterday I arrived for a zoning board meeting feeling pretty crummy; when the meeting ended, I felt VERY crummy. Fellow board member, Sarah Ivory noticed I was moving slowly and said she would get the city wheelchair for me. I didn't know there was such a thing in city hall, but there is. She took off, and I took the elevator to the lobby where a pleasant young man was waiting with the chair. Ms. Ivory was arranging for an escourt. Security Officer Annette Miller came over. By this time, I felt I could walk to my car. Suddenly, a voice in the crowd called out, "No, Pat, this time you don't get your way. Get in the chair." It was council president McBride. The young man helped me into the chair and Officer Miller gave me a real nice ride to my car. I arrived home and crawled into bed. To those four, THANK YOU!! They all behaved with true humanity - something that perhaps we should all follow.

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