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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let the Sun Shine In!

Usually L.A. Parker and I agree, but I do not agree with his last column. Yes, the DCA told Mayor Mack to hire a chief of staff, but DCA did not tell him to hire someone with, "problems." Further, the DCA cannot, nor should they, oversee every signature on every piece of paper. If there has been fudging of time sheets, this is a gross violation of public trust for which there is no excuse. This is outright theft. If it is proven to be the case, then the administration must accept blame. Tony Mack has lurched from one mistake to another; he seems to have forgotten everything and learned nothing. If we, as taxpayers, are to see any change we must start attending city council meetings so we can DEMAND that this crap stops and stops now. (The Kid has apparently fixed the settings so it should be easier to leave comments; please, however, be civil. Thank you.) Enjoy the nearly perfect weather.

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