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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Trials of Trenton

Last evening at Thursday Nite Live, things moved along at a fair clip.  At the beginning, President Holly-Ward suggested the public not discuss the Glen Cairn Arms issue until February when the issue comes up for a second reading.  Dan Dodson was first to speak and let it be known he was not waiting till February.  Most speakers followed his lead.  Blogolanders, I have nothing against Thomas Edison State College; this institution serves a needs and does it well.  Glen Cairn is an eyesore that should be corrected.  The drawings of the new nursing school are lovely.  BUT this a bad deal for Trenton.  Any school built on that site will NOT lead us to the Promised Land.  For three houndred thousand dollars which will be spent in a month, we get another white elephant like the hotel.  Remember all the wonderful things the hotel was going to do?  And the new civil courthouse was going to revive downtown.  Yeah!  The new businesses that opened around the courthouse were lawyers and bondsmen.  Those of us who went out to eat (I was working there), went across to Gus's Restuarant or down the street to the Mill Hill.    Very, very few went toward the State Street area. 

I am also tired of the sneaky way things are done.  A week ago, Trentonians are told this scheme is in the works, but we have to move quickly because TESC has a tight schedule.  I was told last evening that TESC didn't get approved for the grants till last November. Maybe, but it still doesn't work. 

First, TESC had to write the grant proposal.  Let's say that was three before which takes us to maybe August 2012.  Before writing the grant, TESC had to scout around for sites - I'm guessing that TESC zeroed in on Glen Cairn last spring. 

Blogolanders, getting a nice piece of property for $300.000. is a sweet deal, but what if TESC had said to Trenton, "We'll give you $100,000. or even, "You Trenton, pay us, $300,000. and we'll take the property off your hands"?  How would the administration have reacted?

Now if the goal is to attract people to Trenton, increase revenue, and fix up that the property - I know let's build a casino!!! 

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