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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dem Bums!

In the dark ages of the nineteen-fifties when Eisenhower was president, the Boys of Summer aka the Brooklyn Dodgers, announced they needed a new stadium.  Ebbets Field was, I don't know, overgrown, outdated, too small, whatever.  The screed was, build a new ball park or we leave Brooklyn.  Believe me, Blogolanders, there were Brooklynites who screamed that if the Dodgers left Western Civilization would crumble, Coney Island would wash into the sea, the Gowanus Canal would give up its dead, Commies would buy houses on Brooklyn Heights.  OK.  You get the message.  The new ball park was also going to provide jobs, new businesses, new people, etc.  Here's what happened.  Brooklyn refused a new stadium.  The Dodgers moved to L.A.  Brooklyn pooped along as usual neither better nor worse and the Dodgers were forgotten with the rest.  The point of this posting.  TESC will not save Trenton.  If it is built, marvelous things will not happen.  If it is not built, Trenton will poop along as usual. 

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Anonymous said...

Poop being the appropriate word.