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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All in the Family

At the end of a rather crummy week, I had a visit from a cousin who now lives in North Carolina. Carol was driving back from Syosset, Long Island to her home, and she stopped in Trenton. Talk about a shot in the arm!! Carol and I were never close; age kept us apart. She's young enough to be my daughter; when I married she was still in elementary school. Once Carol grew up and married, she and her husband moved in very literary circles. They also moved about the country. About a year ago, we were at a family party and got to talking. We found the age gap disappeared. Carol and I just chatted about random subjects; she likes my house. When she left, I felt so much better. There is nothing like family to make things look better. The best thing is that we do have shared memories. I look forward to further and longer visits.

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