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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tunnel Tunes

A few words about the Tunnel under the Hudson recently cancelled by the governor which caused much moaning and groaning. My feeling is, "Good for you, Chris." His main concern was the cost which we in NJ would have to pay, probably through higher taxes or transportation costs. Much screaming about that. As for me, I wonder if we even need it. The Baby Boomer generation did not reproduce the way their parents did - lower birth rate means fewer people. And thanks to the joys of technology, more people work from home. Within the next ten/fifteen years or so fewer workers will spend more time working at home. That means fewer commuters. So we probably don't need another tunnel, certainly not another tunnel costing a, "zillion" dollars. Shortly, some ideas for the future of commuting to NY City. My regards to all who served this country with honor. Lamberton Lily

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