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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Merde on Toast

Good morning, Blogolanders.  Yesterday I attended the Mistake of the City address.  I arrived just before six  o'clock to get a good parking space/seat in council.  What a waste.  Nobody really showed up till nearly 6:30, and there was a creepy feeling that the folks who appeared en masse were given Target cards.  I may be wrong, but...."  I won't go over the speech line by line because a few other bloggers have done so and very well so read them. 

Just a few things from moi.  The use of the phrase, "We will prevail."  I don't know whether the Honorable Mayor meant the city will be OK, or he will be found innocent.  I suspect the latter because he's thick enough to use the editorial, "we."  The Honorable Mayor also boasted of the transparancy of his administration.  I guess he meant the learning centers?  The hotel?  The Glen Cairn Arms deal?  The group home on Rutgers Place?  Yeah, all were discussed in the full light of day. 

The Honorable Mayor asked why he hasn't heard from those who think they can solve the problems here in Trenton.  I kept my temper!  Trentonians have come forward.  Bob Lowe and Dan Dodson worked long and hard on budget plan.  They were ignored.  Michael McGrath asked for an independent audit of the hotel.  He was voted down.  Bea Scala-Fischler suggested TESC rent the Glen Cairn property; she was shrugged off.  From the get-go, the Honorable Mayor has ignored good advice; good suggestions.

The Honorable Mayor reminded the audience that the problems of Trenton are, "deep rooted."  Yeah, they are, but he knew this (didn't he?) when he ran promising to solve all problems.  Yes, there were and are problems which is why I decided early on city hall was more than I could handle. 

There was one point made by the Honorable Mayor with which I agreed.  When it comes to solving the crime issue, we must look to ourselves.  There are Trentonians who need a great deal of behavior modification.  Ironically, this is something the Honorable Mayor may have been able to solve; he is good with kids!  He knows how to correct behavior calmly and quietly.  When he first ran in '06, I was at a meeting; one of his sons was also there sitting quietly.  After the stump speech, I went over to say, "hello."  Tony leaned over and whispered to the boy, "Remember to stand up for a lady."  The kid turned around, smiled, nodded his head, stood up and offered his hand. 

I can see the Honorable Mayor, a former champion wrestler, working with these kids who think they are so freakin tough.  Tony, I really regret you didn't go into social work. 

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