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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For many years, I considered George Washington to be more lucky than intelligent, but he made a very intelligent decision that I admire. When it was time to build a capital city, he formed the District of Columbia. It stands alone. No state is responsible. Perhaps it is time to form the District of New Jersey (or whatever). Simply remove the area occupied by state government to a separate district. Since the government will no longer be in Trenton, Trenton need no longer worry about the amount of property tax money we do not receive. I've never held the state government responsible for Trenton's financial woes; every weekday I drive downtown and see the people walking around most of whom are state employees), I realize the city would be dead without them. If you don't agree, drive through downtown Trenton on a Saturday morning. Further, take a good look at West Street from Calhoun to Willow. It is a lovely section; lots of flowers in the spring, well kept buildings. And I am still trying to find out the percentage of property in Trenton owned by the city, i.e., Cadwaladar Park, the schools, city hall, the neighborhood parks, etc. Have a nice day.

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